Saturday, July 24, 2021


 My dad was born on July 23, 1910 and died December 25, 1987 at the age of 77. Friday would have been his 111th birthday. My sister posted my father’s father’s ( my paternal grandfather) photo on her Facebook page. He died in 1935. He had movie star good looks. 

I can’t figure out who looks like whom, my father, brother or me, compared to my grandfather.

 My grandfather and father are the two bottom photos and the two top are my brother Johnny and I. I think we are all about the same age in these photos. Of my father and his two sons who looks more like Hugh Allan MacDonald, my grandfather?????


Pierre said...

Some of your mother must have come to you, Father

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald. In many photos, you look like actor Robert Vaughn.

Your father, bottom right...this is probably way Jack Haley, who played the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.

Your grandfather, bottom left...when he had some hair, actor Woody Harrelson.

Your brother, Google images, type in actor William Redfield...when he had a mustache, William Redfield, and your brother Johnny, resembled each other...I think.


Mark Thomas

rcg said...

You seen to favor your Dad the most while Johnny resemble you Granddad. It is the jaw line more than the facial plate.

Anonymous said...

All generations favor to a remarkable degree, including the two latter brothers. Tie.