Saturday, July 10, 2021


 Apart from my blog, it appears that Catholic priests do not bring up race or politics in their homilies as much as Protestants do. Have priestly homilies become too sterile, amoral, apolitical and just plain boring? I ask; you answer:

Pew: Catholic homilies mention election, racism less than Protestant ones

Pew: Catholic homilies mention election, racism less than Protestant ones

Demonstrators in Washington rally in support of voting rights legislation June 23, 2021. (Credit: Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters via CNS.)

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As news events made headlines across the United States for months last year — particularly the 2020 election, the coronavirus pandemic and racism in America — priests’ homilies did not mention these events nearly as much as did sermons by Protestant preachers, according to a report issued July 8 by the Pew Research Center.

Compared to their Protestant counterparts — whatever the stripe, be it mainline, evangelical or historically Black — Catholics brought up the rear when it came to sharing at least one sermon about the election last fall. Overall, 67 percent of churches did, but just 41 percent of Catholics. And just 19 percent of Catholic parish websites mentioned the election, compared to 28 percent of all churches surveyed.

While 20 percent of Catholics’ election-referenced homilies encouraged voting — on par with all Christian sermons surveyed — just 36 percent discussed issues, candidates or political parties, the lowest percentage of all Christian groups.



Michael A said...

This is what is called tacit approval of racism. I'm surprised bishops weren't instructing that silence on the subject is evidence of racism. They need to watch a little more CNN or MSDNC. This subject was addressed by Father Altman in his August 2020 lecture at the height of the problems. Likely another reason for his "brave" bishop's actions against him. Why didn't the Decree require Altman to get electric shock therapy? Evidently just an oversight.

I'm really happy that at least it's only white people who suffer from the malady. All other races have no animosity toward white people.

Pierre said...

Meanwhile, the Cardinal Archbishop in South Africa has this to say about BLM:

A Catholic cardinal in South Africa is lamenting that the Black Lives Matter movement supports abortion.

In a tweet, Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier, the archbishop of Durban, charged BLM has been “hijacked.”

“A brief study of the founding statement of ‘Black Lives Matter’ indicates the movement is being hijacked by the interests & parties committed to dismantling the very values, structure & institutions which have over the centuries undergird the best civilisations & cultures!,” he wrote last Monday.

“Another crucial test of the authenticity of the Black Lives Matter movement will be its stance vis a vis Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry!” Napier tweeted the following day.

Where are our Cardinals? Cowering.

Anonymous said...

BLM = Build Larger Mansions (for it's "trained Marxist" activist cofounders)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Boring. More like "God is Love" over and over. I presume Priests are worried about losing tax exempt status and losing big benefactors thereby getting in trouble with the Bishop and being forced out of their current position, maybe sent back to Poland where they came from.