Saturday, July 17, 2021


From the National Catholic Register:

Meanwhile, some Catholics expressed alarm at the tone of the motu proprio’s critics.


“Seeing a lot of so-called ‘faithful Catholics’ complaining that ‘Bergoglio’ has killed the Church. You’re part of the problem and the reason some bishops are so concerned,” Father Luke Wilkinson wrote on Twitter.


“Pray and respectfully request your bishop to be generous. Conspiratorial calumny is the last thing we need.”


Православный физик said...

I would love to agree, but one should not need to beg for a Liturgy. something seems off about that.

newguy40 said...

Really? We're to ASK for what we already possessed? You DO think this is 1965 or 1968 dont you?

Mark Thomas said...

Everything will be fine in regard to the TLM.

Pope Francis has, in positive fashion, issued guidelines to ensure holiness, unity, and sanity within the TLM Movement.

Conversely, far too many "traditional" Catholics had squandered...actually rejected...Summorum Pontificum's liturgical peace plan.

It is unbelievable that "traditional" Catholics who have accused Pope Francis of having attacked Summorum Pontificum, have themselves long attacked Summorum Pontificum as a supposed flawed, muddled document.


On July 7, via Crisis Magazine, Peter Kwasniewski attacked Pope Benedict XVI/Summorum Pontificum via the following article:

Summorum Pontificum at Fourteen: Its Tragic Flaws


Peter Kwasniewski also attacked, as many "traditionalists" have, for decades, Pope Benedict XVI/Pope Emeritus/Cardinal Ratzinger, as a muddled thinker.

Peter Kwasniewski declared of Summorum Pontificum:

"The motu proprio reflects and reinforces false principles of ecclesiology and liturgy that led to the very crisis to which it was a partial response.

"Indeed, Benedict XVI’s work is often characterized by an Hegelian dialectic method that wishes to hold contradictories simultaneously..."

The folks in question who have long waged war against Pope/Cardinal Ratzinger, have rejected Pope Emeritus' teaching that the EF and OF are two forms of the one Roman Rite...that the two forms can coexist peacefully...

...they have long denounced his unrelenting promotion of Vatican II, ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, environmental teachings...

Now, they have pretended to cry..."How dare Bergoglio move against Summorum dare Bergoglio slap Pope dare Bergoglio oppose Pope Emeritus."

The folks in question denounced Pope Emeritus as a "coward" for his having resigned as Pope. They attacked him as a "blasphemer" for having convoked Assisi III.

Now, they pretend to hold him in high regard.


Anyway, the TLM will remain with us. Pope Francis has tasked our bishops to do their jobs...that is, build a healthy spiritual environment for the Faithful who desire in peace to worship via the TLM.

May the extremists among "traditionalists" cease their Satanic against God, Holy Mother Church, and such holy men as Pope Francis, and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.


Mark Thomas

rcg said...

No, new guy. 1984.

UK-Priest said...

You don’t need to beg for liturgy.
You can still go to any of the church’s liturgies, and you know it.

Stop being so theatrical!

Anonymous said...

Dear UK Priest,

Is this the only orthodox blog you troll..., sorry, contribute to?
Have you considered contributing your brilliant insights and views via comments left on the blogs of either, for example, Fr Z or Fr Hunwicke etc?
If not, please do. More people could do with a laugh in these "interesting times"...okay?


UK-Priest said...

Dear Anon AL,
Is this the only blog you “troll”?

I have made comments occasionally on Fr Hunwicke’s blog. However, as anyone sane knows, it’s almost impossible to comment on Fr Z’s blog because he blocks - or cancels - anyone who doesn’t agree with his alt-right views. You will also have noticed that the number of comments on Fr Z’s blog has dwindled to very few in recent years - reflecting the extremities of his position.

Fr Z is practically, if not already, in schism. I’m addition, I’d question if Fr Z has valid faculties to say mass publicly, hear confessions or preach - which bishop authorised his celebret I wonder because he has seen his bishop or lived within his diocese for years.

Pierre said...


LOL. Go over to PrayTell if you want to see a master at blocking comments - Father Ruff.

Father Z is not in schism from the Catholic Church, but based on some of YOUR comments, you could be in schism.

John Nolan said...

Dr Kwasniewski's analysis of Benedict's thought in terms of Hegelian dialectic is clever and thought-provoking, although it shouldn't be taken too far. It's (perhaps unconsciously) echoed by Fr McDonald who has said on numerous occasions that he envisions a synthesis being achieved in the form of a revised missal.

The idea of 'two forms of the one Roman rite' was attacked by liberal opponents of Summorum Pontificum. Traditionalists recognized it for what it is - a convenient legal fiction. Reputable liturgical scholars admit that we are dealing with two distinct rites, each with its own calendar. This shouldn't be a problem - the Anglicans have their Novus Ordo (Common Worship) and their Usus Antiquior (1662 BCP) and they co-exist easily enough.

UK-Priest said...

Pierre - I note you never told me who signed Fr Z’s celebret or authorised his faculties to say mass publicly, preach or hear confessions. If you go onto his WDTPRS blog and look under his Who am I?” information you will see that his celebret expired some time ago!

PS - I read Praytell blog regularly and occasionally make comments - without any problems. Maybe it’s because I’m not abusive like yourself!