Friday, July 16, 2021




Anonymous said...


The killer clause of the new Motu proprio is No. 6: the bishop's delegate "will take care not to authorize the formation of new groups". So anywhere that doesn't currently celebrate the EF mass cannot introduce it.

Joseph Johnson said...

As his pontificate appears to be winding down, Francis has fired his parting shot . .

Anonymous said...

Well it’s no surprise, we traditionalist knew this was coming all along, Dr. Taylor Marshal, Rorate, The Remnant Newspaper, FatherZ are all reporting the crushing blow of the Traditional Latin mass, even after colon cancer surgery which he will not survive much longer he still went after the Traditional Latin Mass absolutely heartbreaking . Of all the issues in the Church that have plagued it for over 50 years this man still goes after the Mass of All Times the Mass of the saints and martyrs, he is at deaths door and still does what he does why? So masses with giant puppets, priests dressed as clowns, altar girls, lay lectors, lay people handing out communion in the hand, rock, folk, mariachi music, handholding, kiss of peace, girls in black leotards running around the altar, effeminate men in leotards with incense bowls dancing around the altar, improper dress, drums, tambourines, guitars, pianos, are all fine with Rome, but God forbid that’s The Traditional Latin Mass which is been around for 1,500 years is evil and bad and it must be destroyed it’s totally insane!!!