Thursday, July 22, 2021


I posted this in 2012 when I was pastor at St. Joseph Church in Macon. Since my departure in 2016 with the continuing decline of the population in Macon affecting membership numbers at the parish, the 12:10 Mass has been eliminated. 

 St. Joseph's Ordinary Form 12:10 PM Sunday Mass is now celebrated "ad orientem" each and every Sunday what we call the "new normal!"


Amont said...

Father it all depends on the Local Bishop.A request for Ad Orientem was declined by our local.He is firmly of the "spirit of Vatican II".

ByzRus said...

I would love to be enthused about this but, it is so localized that I just refuse to mentally put energy into something that won't likely become normative near-term.

When I was a kid, my grandmother's church offered the new mass this way. I was blown away by what they did relative to the bongo-drum, jug-band hootenanny of my then home parish. I was young and had a young person's understanding of the church, the mass etc., so all I knew was that the action occurring up on the altar seemed important and the music accompanying it sounded important.

Anonymous said...

Oh glorious New Dawn!
Viva il Papa!


Thomas Markson.

Anonymous said...


So true. Here in Sydney, Australia we have the Archdiocese of Sydney, where Cardinal Pell once led and served, and now Archbishop Fisher...where the FSSP were welcomed.
But, the large city of Sydney includes the diocese of Parramatta! Say no more...

We know from history that no great city abides or survives for ever - I think we can probably guess which or what type of faith will abide...


Anonymous said...

What can be done about Macon? As in, its decade-long population decline? Houston County, a suburb, may pass it in population when the 2020 detailed census data is released next month or September. (And maybe in 10-20 years, suburban Columbia County will pass Richmond County-Augusta.)