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 This is copied from Rorate Caeli:

Cardinal Sarah intervenes on the debate over Summorum Pontificum

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A series of Tweets sent but Robert, Cardinal Sarah, @Card_R_Sarah, at 12pm on 8th July 2021 (translated from French).

History will remember Benedict XVI, not only as a great theologian but also as the Pope of Summorum Pontificum, the Pope of liturgical peace, who built an ecumenical bridge with the Christian East by means of the Latin-Gregorian liturgy.


He will be remembered as the Pope who had at heart the desire to find again the Christian roots and unity of Europe. He opposed meaningless secularism [laicisme] and the disintegration of European culture.


Following the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, despite difficulties and resistance, the Church embarked on a path of liturgical and spiritual reform, which, though slow, is irreversible.


Despite intransigent clerical attitudes in opposition to the venerable Latin-Gregorian liturgy, attitudes typical of the clericalism that Pope Francis has repeatedly denounced, a new generation of young people has emerged in the heart of the Church.


This generation is one of young families, who demonstrate that this liturgy has a future because it has a past, a history of holiness and beauty that cannot be erased or abolished overnight.


The Church is not a field of battle where one plays to win by trying to harm the spiritual sensitivity of ones brothers and sisters in the faith.


As Benedict XVI said to the French bishops: “In the Church there is room for everyone,” because we know how to treat each other with respect and live together, praising the Lord in His Church and remaining in the one true Faith.


The liturgical crisis led to the crisis of faith. In the same way, respect for the two forms of the Latin liturgy, ordinary and extraordinary, will imbue us with a missionary impetus for evangelisation, and we will finally be able to escape of the “tunnel of crisis”.


Anonymous said...

I ask for prayers for my mother Leone who received Last Rights/Annointing of the Sick today at St Mary's Nursing Home, Concord.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

God bless and embrace your mom, you and your family. My prayers are offered.

Anonymous said...

Last Rites...

Thank you, Father Allan.

Moggy Evans said...

Sounds to me like “Pope Francis is sick, God bless Pope Benedict - he was a much greater and more loved Pope and by the way is still alive but not in hospital recovering from a serious operation”!

Anonymous said...

This story actually broke in the foreign press several days ago. I am glad you are posting it now, but I wish it had come up sooner, as it is pretty relevant to the current crisis.

Chip said...

Prayers for Leone and family, and peace until that happy day we all can meet.

Chip said...

As for Cardinal Sarah's comments, they are greatly appreciated, and I totally agree, but sadly do not think the current cabal cares at all, him ignored even while holding his post in the curia. Others such as Burke also simply ignored as irrelevant by the powers that be. But, nice to see, against the off-chance he should be elevated to the Chair of Peter.

Tom Marcus said...

I find little to disagree with in Cardinal Sarah's assessment of Benedict's pontificate. He was not quite the pope I had hoped he would be, yet at the same time, he gave us more than I might have ever hoped for from ANY post-conciliar pope with Summorum Pontificum. That was THE crowning achievement of his papacy.

I think the title "Pope of Liturgical Peace" is beautiful.

It is also revealing. It reveals that there is an element in the Church that does not see enough room for everyone. There is an element in the Church that does NOT want liturgical peace. There is an element in the Church that seeks to erase any memory of what happened before the "revolution" from our collective memory. There will be no tolerance with this element and one of their most clever weapon is accusing their perceived enemies of the very thing that they are: Rigid.

There is nothing as rigid as a liturgical liberal and they do not want peace unless it is achieved by annihilation. Unfortunately, this element is currently the dominating power within the Church. Their intolerance and hatred of liturgical peace reflects the lord that they serve, wittingly or unwittingly.

Again, Bishop Sheen had a name for this fake shell of Catholicism: The Ape of the Church.

The Ape of the Church has no use for any Popes of Liturgical Peace. I have a feeling we're going to see that played out very vividly and very soon.

BananaMan said...

Burke & Sarah are both irrelevant and every word they speak is wrong.

Mark Thomas said...

The Church's two extreme wings are at war with Pope Benedict XVI/his liturgical peace plan.

The left-wing has attacked Summorum Pontificum from said document's issuance. They have waged war his holy liturgical peace plan.

Father Anthony Ruff is a leader in that regard.

The right-wing has waged war against Pope Benedict XVI/his liturgical peace plan.

An example of that war:

Father John Zuhlsdorf on July 7, promoted Peter Kwaniewski's recent Crisis magazine article in which Kwaniewski attacked Summorum Pontificum, Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Benedict XVI's liturgical peace plan, the Novus Ordo, Pope Saint John Paul II, and Pope Francis.

Father John Zuhlsdorf reiterated the other day that he esteems Peter Kwaniewski greatly.

Peter Kwaniewski has denounced the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, OF, as an "imposter" that must be driven from the Church.

Peter Kwaniewski has attacked Summorum Pontificum, Vatican II, Pope Francis...Kwaniewski has demanded that the bishops condemn Pope Francis as a heretic, or else the bishops will be denounced as "unfaithful" to God and His Church.

That is the man held in great esteem by Father Zuhlsdorf.


Between Peter Kwaniewski, and Father John Zuhlsdorf, that reveals all that we need to know about the Catholic right-wing/Traditional Catholic Movement.

Holy Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Summorum Ponfificum, his teachings related to Vatican II, as well as holy liturgical peace plan, are under attack by the left-wing, and right-wing.

The attacks in question are Satanic.


Mark Thomas

Chip said...

bananaman....a) aptly named, b) refuses to follow rules of decency and express wishes of blog owner and stick with constant name while styling themselves to speak for Christianity, thereby, c) irrelevant.

Michael A said...


Do you have some more on why Ruff is part of the other side of the equation? You have extensive comments about the right but not the left. I'm interested. Thanks Mike

Mark Thomas said...

Deo gratias for Cardinal Sarah.

His unrelenting support for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI liturgical peace plan will prove successful.

The left-wing's Satanic war against the liturgical peace plan will collapse.

The right-wing's Satanic war against the liturgical peace plan will collapse.

Holy Pope Benedict XVI's Summorum Pontificum liturgical peace plan will win the day as SP is holy...SP is of God.

Prominent left-wing leaders, such as Father Ruff, as well as all among the clergy, religious, and lay who wage war against Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and his liturgical peace plan...against Summorum Pontificum/TLM, are headed into a dead-end.

Peter Kwaniewski, Rorate Caeli, The Remnant, as well as all who have fought against Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, as well as his liturgical peace plan/Novus Ordo, will join the left-wing liturgical warmongers at the same dead-end.


Mark Thomas

Pierre said...

Mark Thomas,

As usual you do not know what you're talking about when it comes to Dr. Kwasniewski, a true liturgical scholar. Only a buffoon would attack him. You certainly are no intellectual challenge for him

St Athanasiusa the lesser said...

At today's TLM (7/11/21 The two pews infant of us had 9 children under 14 yrs of age and their parents: two moms and 2 dads. Look like there could be more children the future yet. They are there Sunday after Sunday. Thanks be to God!

BananaMan 2 said...

Peter K is neither a distinguished liturgical scholar nor theologian. He writes polemical diatribes consisting of long winded arguments based upon twisted analysis and distorted logic. No one in mainstream academics thinks Peter K is a reliable source for anything.

Let’s not pretend otherwise - he is the Trump of liturgists and patristic scholars (aka a joke)!

Anyone's Guess said...

It might help us to remember that ANY FOOL can just blindly criticize another person, call them names or utterly negate them.

It takes considerably more skill to disagree with one's ideas. The truly great people I've seen in my lifetime manage to treat each other respectfully when they disagree and argue the ideas, not put each other down.

And when they argue, the best arguments offer specific, concrete evidence, not generalized put-downs or dismissals.

Again, ANYONE can just put others down. That doesn't take any skill.

Think about it.

Mark Thomas said...

I have encountered many "traditional" Catholics who have proclaimed that "traditional" Catholics have been "their own worst enemies."

Peter Kwasniewski's recent (July 7) attack, via Crisis magazine, against Summorum Pontificum speaks to the above statement.

The "traditional" Catholic Movement's unrelenting war against God, His Church, His Popes...His liturgy...has continued via the following garbage from Peter Kwasniewski:

Summorum Pontificum at Fourteen: Its Tragic Flaws

-- Summorum Pontificum is "no more than damage control; it cannot be a pillar, much less a foundation, of a permanent structure."

-- We must "ignore or to oppose what the Vatican might do to reduce or prevent the celebration of the classical Roman rite."

(The Church's Magisterium answers to Peter Kwasniewski and his ilk. Said folks are above the Pope.)

-- The liturgical reforms of Pope Saint Pius X, and Pope Venerable Pius XII, are denounced.

-- Our holy 20th Century Popes are "guilty" of "hypertrophic ultramontanism."

-- Via a link in the article to a lecture he had given in 2019 A.D., Peter Kwasniewski declared that Pope Venerable Pius XII had inflicted "violence" upon the Sacred Liturgy.

-- "The most notorious feature of Summorum Pontificum is its claim, in Article 1, that there are two “forms” of the Roman rite:"

Peter Kwasniewski has continued his assault upon Pope Benedict XVI's teaching in question.

Three days ago, via his support for Summorum Pontificum, Cardinal Sarah reiterated Church teaching that there are two forms of the one Roman Rite.

Cardinal Sarah declared: "In the same way, respect for the two forms of the Latin liturgy, ordinary and extraordinary, will imbue us with a missionary impetus for evangelisation, and we will finally be able to escape of the “tunnel of crisis”.

-- Peter Kwasniewski reiterated his claim that there is a "rupture" between the EF and OF.

Conversely, holy Pope Benedict taught otherwise.

-- "This, then, is the fundamental problem with Summorum Pontificum: it is internally incoherent, founded on a monumental contradiction caused by the worst abuse of papal power in the history of the Church."

Okay...Pope Benedict XVI tremendous document, Summorum Pontificum, is "internally incoherent, founded on a monumental contradiction..."

-- Finally, Peter Kwasniewski assured us that Pope Benedict XVI thinking is muddled.

Peter Kwasniewski said, "Indeed, Benedict XVI’s work is often characterized by an Hegelian dialectic method that wishes to hold contradictories simultaneously..."

I have provided just few examples of the anti-Catholic garbage that liturgical warmonger Peter Kwasniewski has generated via his latest assault upon Church teaching...upon Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Ordinary Form), and Summorum Pontificum.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark,

Our fraternal advice = have at least occasionally, or more often, a break from Catholic cyberspace and perhaps drink a few beers while watching on TV a good Western or comedy classic film.

F S S Peters.

Mark Thomas said...

The following is mind-boggling:

"Mark Thomas, how dare you argue against Peter Kwasniewski! He runs rings around you in regard to theology. He is far more intelligent than you. Who are you to oppose Peter Kwasniewski?"

Excuse me. Who is Peter Kwasniewski to oppose Holy Mother Church? Who is Peter Kwasniewski to oppose Popes Francis, Benedict XVI?...Peter Kwasniewski has even opposed Popes Venerable Pius XII, and Saint Pius X.

Who is Peter Kwasniewski to pretend that he possesses greater wisdom and knowledge than the Holy Ghost-informed Magisterium?

How dare I oppose Peter Kwasniewski?

How dare Peter Kwasniewski oppose Holy Mother Church.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Fr Allan and Chip,

Thank you for your prayers for Leone, who received Last Rites/Annointing of the Sick yesterday at her nursing home.

And a thank you too to Fr Richard at Lewisham, Sydney, for the Traditional Latin Mass this morning for Leone.

- Paul, Melanie, Adam, Jarod, Kristy, Maryanne, Kevin and Tiffany.

JR said...

Personally, I think there's room for variety of prayer and worship styles in the Church. Whatever brings people closer to God should be okay and indeed fostered. There's a saying attributed to St. Augustine: “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity”. There's a saying too, of St. Francis of Assisi to a fellow friar, Brother Leo: "In whatever way it seems best to you to please the Lord God and to follow His footsteps... so do with the blessing of the Lord God..." I sometimes laugh at the issue of "Ordinary Form" vs. "Extraordinary Form" Catholic infighting because I see there are some staunch Anglicans who insist that only the Book of Common Prayer of 1662 should be used for "authentic" liturgy while there was a lot of unhappiness among the Episcopalians when they switched from their 1928 version to their modern 1979 version. "You can make some of the people happy some of the time, but not all people all of the time" as they say.

Pierre said...

Mark Thomas,

Dr. Kwasniewski does not oppose Holy Mother the Church . He loves the Church and its long liturgical tradition. Criticizing the present disaster in a constructive manner is what he does and does not engage in cut and paste non sequiturs as you do.

Stacheman said...

I'm more with JR. Let there be a variety of expressions, so long as they are reverent. This means freely allowing the EF, but also encouraging it to be unmoored from other traditionalist issues that bog it down, like whether it is reverent for women to wear dress pants to church in 2021. When I was younger, I had friends invite me to praise and worship events at another Catholic church in town (not Mass, but they would have those every so often). It wasn't for me, being more of a smells and bells person, but the group also organized adoration hours and seemed to genuinely believe in the real presence.

Luckylady said...

Fr Hunwicke's blog-
Fr Hunwicke Mutual Enrichment.

On July 12th, Fr H wrote on Innocent III, a truly great early 13th century pope, and concelebration (sp?) and on Tradition not always being the way things were done in 1950 and so on.

This short post by Fr Hunwicke and the 2 comments that follow is probably the best online Catholic commentary I have read this year.

Anonymous said...

The New Liturgical Movement, Rorate, The Remnant Newspaper, Father Z, Dr. Taylor Marshall, ALL are devoted to Holy Mother Church!! As I have stated before in this blog just over 50 years ago all of the above mentioned would have been cheered on as Roman Catholics defending the Faith. It is just like the Democrats now saying it was the Republicans who were advocating to de-fund the Police, give me a break.