Wednesday, July 14, 2021


 The Holy Father, driving his Ford Focus, first makes a pilgrimage to the Basilica of St. Mary Major, and then proceeds to the Vatican Motel 6, His Holiness’ domicile.


Call Me Disappointed said...

WHAT? He's not dead? He's not conspiring, despite having terminal colon cancer which has spread to his liver, kidneys, spleen, and fingernails, in that hospital room with his cabal of Masonic-inspired, cocaine fueled, demon-possessed cardinals to destroy the Church according to the plans of the Illuminati, which is financially supported by the sales of Marjorie Taylor Greene Jewish Space Laser shields and the Rothschild family, to elect Fr. Michael Pfleger to be Pope Martin Luther the First?

I am SHOCKED, I tell you. SHOCKED!

"Ecce sacerdos magnus, qui in diebus suis placuit Deo.
Ideo jurejurando fecit illum Dominus crescere in plebem suam.
Benedictionem omnium gentium dedit illi
et testamentum suum confirmavit super caput ejus."

Joseph Johnson said...

He's not driving . .

Chip said...

Pope Francis address to the Swiss Guard...

"Yes, I know both the living arrangements away from papal apartments, and choice of vehicle for local transportation, has vastly increased the difficulty of maintaining security, and caused much extra expense, but, you have to understand, I have an image to project."

Chip said...

Call Me Disappointed....great call! As we all know, the Vatican hiding health problems and invasive testing until the very eve of major surgery was in fact only part of another vicious right-wing plot to sow rumors and cast doubt on Holy Pope Francis.

Michael A said...

Hopefully I'm now allowed to ask how many doctors he had looking after him and if he used the public health care or private health care at Agostino Gemelli Polyclinic? A Pontiff with his track record of class warfare rhetoric should have demanded the public option to avoid the appearance of hypocrisy. If he used the private route then he needs to shut up and leave the economics to someone who might know something about the subject. The situation in Cuba must be causing Francis some real consternation. Maybe he can fast send the hammer and sickle crucifix over there to help persuade the people of Cuba how good they've got it? And the bishops in our country can take note too and before they throw their support behind another gov't run healthcare program they can explain to people why the Pope should get private health care and we must have a bunch of unionized doctors looking after us. It's criminally stupid blabber like that that makes it possible for foolish people to claim it's good to be a Democrat.

Chip said...

Michael, he should forgo his extensive security and live in a homeless shelter to gain a real smell of the sheep, and perhaps take a shower once a month, whether he needs it or not, and walk on all his "pilgrimages" to other countries, and eat only out of cans and soup kitchens?

Anonymous said...

Michael A - We don't have "gov't run healhcare" in the USA. No, we don't. ObamaCare is NOT "government run healthcare."

Most doctors in the USA are not employees. The number of doctors in the USA that are employees and are unionized is minuscule. They are mostly in public hospitals.

You should actually READ what our bishops support in terms of healthcare before making foolish, uninformed comments.

Michael A said...

Anon - I'm speaking of the ideal situation that people like you and many others would like to have. I know doctors are not unionized, but I'm hoping for you to get your healthcare treatments form them in another 5-10 years. It would fantastic. I can thank Obamacare for having it cost me $6K anytime I need to go to an emergency room. It's destroyed my access to healthcare, but not for the illegal immigrant that I subsidize who now has better healthcare than I have and I get to pay for both. Such a deal!

Chip - He should be consistent. If I preach to someone they shouldn't live an immoral life and I frequent whorehouses then it is a slight bit hypocritical - right? I know you know it is the truth and hopefully you're having a little fun with it. Francis the Humble follows the identical pattern of every liberal elite who likes to put heavy bundles on our backs to carry while he fills his belly full of his favorite pizza and cries about climate change. Maybe he'd have lowered his carbon footprint the last 25 years if he didn't allow himself to be so overweight and didn't take hot showers in the morning?

Chip said...

Anon 1pm, it is government supported and mandated health care, and your comment reminds me of Bill Clinton and his "meaning of "is" is" comment.

Michael, I agree he is a phony, but privileged right wing people as well as more conservative popes have also pressed for all manner of social justice and ecologically responsible uses of resources, which privilege in itself does not make the phony, but instead a life of "do as I say, not as I do." So, I really think you are bottom fishing by harping on the point, while offering only ridiculous examples of what you think he should be doing, which examples I only carried to conclusion. It is only more "oh yeah? wuddabout"ism of which the comment section on this blog reekingly stuffed by both sides.

Anonymous said...

Michael A - I'm not in favor of "government run healthcare" or "unionized doctors." So, again, you are making foolish, uninformed comments. (You are aware that Holy Mother Church supports the right of workers to organize into union, aren't you?)

As on June 31 this year, 31 million people are being insured through the Obamacare Marketplace (via private insurers) and Medicare (via services provided by public and private sources.)
Your access to healthcare still exists, it isn't "destroyed." Obamacare isn't about you.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Michael A - Your comments about Pope Francis are really out of line and offensive.

Fr. McDonald should take them down immediately.

Chip said...

Father K., you sound remarkably as UK-Priest, where I will cheerfully send you a quarter with advice to call 1-800-WHA-AAAA, while you have NEVER been shy as to posting offensive and insulting comments and habitually invading this blog comment section under a variety of names. Take your phony offense to somebody who cares. Nobody here buys it for a second.

Michael A said...


My comments are not meant for him so much as they are meant for the people that agree with him on these subjects like the overly sensitive Father K. They need to contemplate why when it really counts someone doesn't do what they want to force others to do.

Anon: Why are you not for government run healthcare? What system would be better?

Chip said...

Anon226....31 million of over 300 million when a lot more than that 31 million are not offered insurance at all.

Medicare is for retired people on Social Security and Disability, payments are deducted monthly and on top of contributions made for entire working life, and requires outside insurance to cover costs muchly not covered by Medicare, and neither are prescription drugs covered at all without outside insurance.

Perhaps you meant Medicaid, where I would suggest you read and get your facts straight.

Chip said...

Meanwhile, Anon226, Medicaid is generally only for a very short duration where almost ANY income automatically causes aid to be cut off, talking circa $100mth.

Anonymous said...

Michael A - Why not stop making false claims about health care, unionized doctors, popes, and what others here want. You've been wrong all all four counts in just this thread.

I want health care that is available and affordable for all. That's what the Church wants, too, so I am in very good company.

You have the typically false notion that, if a person says I want health care that is available and affordable for all, that I must give up MY health care. That's baloney. I suspect you want everyone to have a roof over their heads and sufficient nutrition, so are you moving out and going on a permanent hunger strike, because if you don't you're being hypocritical... I won't hold my breath.

Don't like being forced to do things? Then don't wear a seat belt and don't stop at red lights. Don't file your taxes and don't pay into Social Security. Don't let local zoning laws keep you from opening a pig farm in your residential neighborhood.

Laws and regulations are sometimes uncomfortable, but they serve the Common Good.

Chip said...

Anon226....this just a dose a realism for folk on both sides of the Obamacare argument, but several years back I was checking prices on state marketplaces in southern tier states, last checked maybe 4-5yrs back...

Prior, and with IRS penalties if not enrolled, there were several carriers in each state, each offered various levels of coverage, and decent coverage could be had for $200mth....

Last checked, most were down to only BC/BS as a carrier, and prices had zoomed to $1200-$1800mth for any coverage worthy of the name "insurance".

And for the record, anyone on Social Security retirement or disability is disallowed from coverage (which they could not afford anyhow) and forced to use Medicare (plus any supplemental insurance one MIGHT be able to afford/most cannot given how small the monthly checks averaging circa $1500mth already hit for monthly Medicare charges which also rise annually to evaporate any COLA).

Michael A said...

Anon -Since you’re keeping count, I never said that Obamacare was government run healthcare, I wrote it was a government run program. Do you understand the difference?

I didn’t make false claims about unionized doctors. I believe it is the “re-imagined” ideal for liberals and the horror for the rest of society. But, I still believe they would do a good job for you.

And yes the bishops actually did support Obamacare. They voiced strong support. I recall having to listen to a stupid letter read in Church they wrote endorsing it.

I like how someone tells someone else how the program isn’t for you, you just pay for it and shut up. That’s democracy in action. Obamacare is about me, as it for the entire country, that is worse off because of it. Healthcare insurance premiums are through the roof and people like me have less access to healthcare. Try being self-employed under the current system.

I asked you what is wrong with gov’t run healthcare. Do you have an answer for that question? You seem to favor lots of regulations that are good for us, so maybe the gov’t can run the healthcare system as good as it does the Social Security system?

BTW speaking of Social Security, if you believe that is an example of gov’t success then you need to take a quick lesson in math. Not only is it bankrupting the country along with Medicare, but the benefits you receive from it are lousy compared the amount you pay into it. It’s a two for one that only the gov’t can deliver. They pay us less and it costs us more until it bankrupts us. OUTSTANDING!

What I understand about economics and regulation is that the gov’t has a small role to play as referee. We need rules and good law enforcement because people lie, cheat and steal. What I do not favor is to let gov’t run things that are best left to the private sector where scarce resources are best allocated with less waste. Gov’t excels at achieving waste.

Regarding roofs over people’s heads. I do favor that as a goal, but you don’t seem to understand that I don’t demand that you pay for it and let someone else live there. That’s what our Pope would like me to do. So, you have me confused with his position on things.

Chip said... kinda gloss over the fact that as originally writ and passed and in effect for the first several years, that Obamacare was to be funded by much higher costs on people who already had insurance, making it unaffordable for them, and MEANWHILE IRS levies against anyone who decided they could not afford insurance at all. This is known as extorsion and coercion. It also is known as burning the village to save it.

Mark Thomas said...

Deo gratias for our holy Pope Francis. I am thankful that His Holiness has been released from the hospital.

The images of our great Culture of Life Pope having visited patients in the hospital are uplifting.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, and all the Angels and Saints, please pray for Pope Francis' to obtain good health.

May they pray also that each ill person throughout the world will be healed according to God's will.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Now that he is sick and in pain it will just make him more miserable and meaner. He will see the clock is running out and will speed up his destruction of the Faith. Just watch….that’s what my crystal ball tells me.

Anonymous said...

Michael A - ObamaCare is not a government run healthcare program. The providers - hospitals, doctors, nurses, technicians - run the healthcare. ObamaCare is a healthcare coverage program. Do you understand the difference?

The vast majority of doctors aren't employees. Employees can form unions. Non-employees can't. Another difference you might not understand.

Yes the USCCB endorsed ObamaCare. Yes, the Church universal teaches that healthcare is a right and that it should be available to all. That means some pay for those who cannot.

People with no kids pay property taxes to support schools. People who never use the interstates pay gasoline taxes that support the interstates. People who can support their own families pay taxes that support the needy. Taxes are not a "pay-for-what-I-get" scheme. They are the dues we pay to belong to the club.

Social Security is not what is bankrupting the country. "By law, Social Security cannot contribute to the federal deficit, because it is required to pay benefits only from its trust funds. Those, in turn, are funded through a dedicated payroll tax of 12.4 percent of income, split evenly between employees and employers, levied on income (this year) up to $128,400."

Where has Pope Francis demanded that you or I pay for a house and let someone else live in it? Where? You're the confused one here.

Joseph Johnson said...

I just saw some footage of the Pope being rolled down the hall in a wheelchair and greeting people along the way. Several people kissed his ring and he appeared to graciously allow them to do so. This has not always been the case. Maybe something has changed for him?