Tuesday, July 27, 2021


 Our bishop, Bishop Steven Parkes installed the new pastor of my former church at their 11 am UR Mass. He then spoke to the UA Mass that followed the 11 am Mass as a prelude to it as he had to depart. 

Please listen to the organ prelude as the procession entered. This is the historic Jardine Organ order from New York to be installed for the 1863 consecration of the church. However the northern blockade of the south during the war prevented it from being shipped. After the war and due to uselesss confederate money, the church could not afford to have it shipped. Thanks be to God for Most Holy Trinity’s associate pastor, Father Abram Ryan, the priest poet of the confederacy/south, raised money with his poetry readings in Augusta and the organ was installed in 1866.

We were able to fully and historically restored it in the late 1990’s. It had fallen into grave disrepair and not used for decades. There was talk of removing it. Thanks be to God that did not happen. 

Another interesting point is that the three altars were manufactured in Baltimore. But those shipping them to Augusta were willing to risk the northern blockade and bring them to Augusta where these were installed in time for the consecration:


rcg said...

Fr Ryan was pastor at St Michael’s Church in Flewellyn, Tennessee, my childhood parish. They named a nearby school in his honor.

TJM said...

Father McDonald,

I thought you would enjoy this comment of Father Hunwicke, a very scholarly priest with his own blog:

Already, Vincent Nichols has issued a sensible and pastoral take on TC ("In my judgement, these concerns do not reflect the overall liturgical life of this diocese") and has 'dispensed from' the prohibition against the Old Mass being celebrated in parish churches.

Finally, two further rather different End of Pontificate thoughts, each of which has appeared on this blog before:

(1) Given the capacities of modern medicine, more popes are likely to live longer than their natural span. Sooner or later, there will be a pope with senile dementia. Should not provision be made in Canon Law for this inevitability?

(2) Some years ago, Fr Aidan Nichols, our prime Anglophone theologian, argued (in a lecture the full text of which appears still to be banned from publication) that canonical provision should be made for canonical procedings in the case of popes giving heretical teaching.

*You may feel that I am indebted here to a fine and important piece by a Dutch bishop, translated and printed by Peter Kwasniewski in yesterday's Rorate. But I drafted this last week; I like to leave things for a day or two ... frankly ... so that I can tone-them-down-a-bit before publication!

The Dutch bishop also reminds us of Holy Tradition. This is going, I think, to be the way ahead. PF has weakened the Petrine Office; he has chopped off the branch he was sitting on; in future, people will always wonder whether a future pope will just plain contradict what this one is saying ... because Bergoglio has made an industry of doing just this. Perhaps Byzantines, including Orthodox, may be able to help us. But Conciliarism, lock, stock, and barrel, has its own problems, and is not 'the' answer."

Bob Robinson said...

Please stop this UR and UA nonsense - it’s contrived!

Old rite and New rite of mass is more accurate and plain speaking!