From Crux: 

In a new interview, Pope Francis appears to criticize the handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan by the United States that triggered scenes of chaos and violence at the Kabul airport, saying that while “I don’t want to judge” nevertheless “they didn’t take into account all the eventualities.”

In a brief fragment of the interview released today, the pope does not mention the United States or any other nation by name.

The remarks come in a 40-second excerpt released by the Spanish broadcaster Cope, ahead of the full 90-minute conversation Wednesday. In that longer exchange the pope is expected to address many issues, from his health and rumors of his resignation to the legalization of euthanasia in Spain earlier this year.

Cope journalist Carlos Herrera, who said he was able to secure the interview with the help of the radio’s Vatican correspondent Eva Fernandez, shared a 40-second fragment on his show this Tuesday in an attempt to lure listeners for the full interview…

…On the withdrawal, the pontiff apparently is critical.

“The way you negotiate a withdrawal, an exit, from what we’ve seen here, they didn’t take into account, it seems, I don’t want to judge, [but] they didn’t take into account all the eventualities,” the pope said.

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