Sunday, July 18, 2021


 On Saturday night after our 2011 Roman Missal vernacular Vigil Mass, I drove to the rectory but stopped off at McDonald’s to buy a Quarter Pounder with Cheese for my supper. I also bought a 10 piece Chicken McNuggets with Buffalo sauce.

As I sat in my recliner and inhaled the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, I looked on the bottom of the box in which it comes and saw this:

Just think about that!


Chip said...

My favorite is "made WITH 100% beef!" where they do not mention what else is mixed with that beef or what cow parts comprise that least McDonalds was being honest. Of course, recycled anything will always have a small percentage of plastics, metal, rodents, bugs, etc, too.

JR said...

I wonder what the weight is after the fat and water has been cooked out?

Anonymous said...

Are not the contents advisory regarding the container itself?
The advisory that the quarter pounder is 4 oz before cooking, which should lead rather to the comment of water in the whatever it is which makes it less than a real quarter pounder.

Anonymous said...

We had a local burger chain who made fun of the big guys with TV adds illustratiing with cooked examples, favorite one being, "Are you tired of The Postage Stamp Burger where the meat hides under the pickles?"

Chip said...


We KNOW the packaging is what is meant, but simply amused by how it appears.

Also, MD has forever stated in fine print that the 1/4 pounder is precooked weight, but never stated cooked weight, both details missed by most buyers, while perhaps never mentioned by MD because it indeed weighs more than 1/4lb due to swimming in and absorbing all the beef lard on the grill.

I have no desire to ask for a container, weighing it for tare, and then asking them to pitch a greasy patty in it with the spatula to see just how much beef and grease one gets, but, it could be done.

I suggest we put "Mark Thomas" on it as just the man. Tell him he is on a mission from the pope due to dietary restraints.