Friday, March 8, 2013


My crystal ball is sometimes fuzzy and not all things are clear until they are clear. So the conclave will begin this Tuesday, March 12th not the 13th as my crystal ball was really fuzzy at the time. However, as unclear as it still is, I still think I see in the future the pope being elected the next day, 03/13/13 or 13/03/13, whichever you like.

I also see a name for the new Holy Father coming to me, but it is like seeing letters at an eye exam with the fuzzy lens, so I can't be sure, but it seems like to me it is Pope Pius XIII! I wonder if that has anything to do with the date 03/13/13? Time will tell.

On Tuesday, we will celebrate our morning Mass at 8:00 AM as a “pro eligendo Romano Pontifice.” And certainly, no one needs to be clairvoyant like me or maybe not, or have a crystal ball to believe that we will have a new pope by the weekend of March 16/17. Therefore at all our weekend Masses that weekend, our recessional hymn will be "Long Live the Pope."

As well, we will dedicate our Solemn Sung Mass in the Extraordinary Form for our patron feast of the Universal Patron of the Church, Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on Tuesday, March 19th at 7:00 PM for the intentions of the Pope Pius XIII. The recessional to that Mass also will be "Long Live the Pope!"

Long live the Pope!
His praises sound
Again and yet again:
His rule is over space and time:
His throne the heart of men:
All hail! The Shepherd Pope of Rome,
The theme of loving song:
Let all the earth his glory sing
And heavn the strain prolong.

Beleaguered by
By the foes of earth,
Beset by hosts of hell,
He guards the loyal flock of Christ,
A watchful sentinel:
And yet, amid the din and strife,
The clash of mace and sword,
He bears alone the Shepherd Staff,
The champion of the Lord.

Then raise the chant,
With heart and voice,
In Church & school & home:
"Long live the Shepherd of the Flock!
Long live the Pope of Rome!"
Almighty Father bless his work,
Protect him in his ways,

Receive his prayer, fulfill his hopes,
And grant him length of days!


Beth F said...

Y'all have the St. Michael Hymnal up there in Macon, don't you.

Faith said...

It would be nice to have the new pope announced on the Feast of St. Joseph, since he is the patron of the church. Although, those who follow Medjugorje have been prophesying for years, that something important will happen on some March 18. And again, March 17 is a lucky day--or is that only for Irish?

Anonymous said...

I like this hymn better. :)

-Lewis King

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...


Sharon said...

A lenten conclave and an Easter pope. Paschal III sound very appropriate for the new pope's name.

Anonymous said...

Why a picture of Chavez? Venezuela is perhaps the only country in Latin America to not offer an EF Mass and things such as Santaria are taking hold of many young people. Liturgy is in a dreaded state there. A dreaded shame..I enjoyed this bit of Papal history til that point..

Gene said...

Because Chavez and others like him are the darlings of Progressives within the Church.

Hal said...

A question perhaps you coul answer Fr Allan. Sharon mentioned the next pope taking the name Paschal III.

There actually was an anti-pope Paschal III. So if the new pope were to take the name Paschal, would he ignore the anti-pope and be III, or go with IV ? It seems both options have been done in the past. Most popes skip the anti-pope number, but John XXIII did not.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Actually the new pope could take Paschal III even though an anti-pope has that name and number. For example it was quite controversial when Pope John XXIII took his name, because there is an anti-pope John XXIII also!