Friday, March 8, 2013


Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who I predicted in my clairvoyance would become the Archbishop of New York long before he even became a bishop, has predicted that the new pope's "coronation" will take place on the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which of course is March 19th.

Saint Joseph is the patron of the universal Church and would seem to be a wonderful solemnity to celebrate the "coronation" if it cannot be held on a Sunday due to the upcoming Holy Week. It also falls during "Passion Week" in the Extraordinary Form calendar which has what is called "Passiontide" while the Ordinary Form does not call it Passiontide but the prefaces for Mass change from Lenten prefaces to "passion" prefaces and the venerable custom of covering statues begins Passion Sunday, although it isn't called that in the Ordinary Form of the Mass although it is in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, but in the Ordinary Form of the Mass it is called the 5th Sunday of Lent. Sad.

So, my suggestion to the new Pontifex Maximus is to continue the "reform of the reform" have a simple "coronation" and update the Ordinary Form's calendar to be more in sinc with the Extraordinary Form calendar.

Time will tell.

However, and maybe this happened in my clairvoyance without me even knowing it, Saint Joseph Church in Macon, Georgia will be celebrating our Patronal Feast Day with a Solemn Sung Extraordinary Form Mass with our combined choirs singing Schubert's Mass! We will have deacon and sub deacon and a "Saint Joseph's Table" with a reception following the Mass. The Mass will be on Tuesday, March 19th, the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and purportedly on the same day as the new pope's "coronation" whom I will say is going to be Cardinal Scola since Saint Joseph is Italian and scolas sing at Extraordinary Form Masses.

Last Year's Solemnity of Saint Joseph at Saint Joseph Church:


Gregorian Mass said...

Llovera or Bagnasco for Pope....

sandy said...

If Cardinal Ranjith becomes pope, don't expect for the OF calander to be revised to be more in sync with the the EF -- instead, expect the Missal of Paul VI to be supressed, and for EF and OF to be redefined to mean EF: the Missal of John XXIII in Latin, and OF: the Missal of John XXIII in vernacular with some Latin.

Anonymous said...

That works Sandy ! I would like an EF in the vernacular once in a while. Although I would never drift far from the Latin which I like..