Friday, October 2, 2015



We are learning that the deadly shooting in Oregon was an act of terrorism against Christians once again! CNN reports:

"The Umpqua gunman targeted Christians specifically, according to the father of a wounded student.

After shooting a professor, the gunman asked students one-by-one to stand up, and asked each of them, "Are you a Christian?"

This, according to Anastasia Boylan, 18, who relayed the account to her father and brother before she was taken into surgery."


I am appalled at yet another deadly shooting. I am in favor of limiting the purchase of guns only to people who are qualified and have no serious mental illnesses. But we all know that acquiring guns by the criminal element will happen even if all weapons are illegal. Just think prohibition and the many ways that alcohol flowed during that period!

Yet, this killer was radicalized and no doubt he was radicalized because of mental illness or mental deficits. We don't know who radicalized him and that is the rub. Some would say that he was radicalized by the gun culture, others by Islamic terrorists which used the internet to radicalize him.

I would say that it is the Mass Media that radicalized him and others in all its forms that now needs to be regulated and censored for sex and violence as it was in the USA up until about the 1960's with the Catholic Church being at the forefront of this censorship for the common good! Movies had to make sure that crime stories did not have the criminal winning--that there was always justice of some kind at the end. But even more was censored to include graphic sex and violence and if you watch older movies you see what a benefit it was for society not to be radicalized by the media!

When we watch television and movies today, we know that writers and producers have the moral aptitude of an ally cat. They are stuck in adolescence and strive to corrupt the morals of the young and old to include children. We even see where radical homosexuals are trying to corrupt elementary school age children with their propaganda.  

The liberal media needs to put a spotlight not only on how Muslim extremists are radicalizing the disordered in this country but how the liberal mass media itself is a culprit by are doing it with the sex and violence of even family hour prime time television not to mention video games and all that is available on the internet in terms of violence and sex.

I can remember that no one even saw photos of President Kennedy's gunshot wound to the head until about 30 years after the assassination. It was kept from the public because it was too graphic.

Only in the last couple of decades was the Zapruder film shown unedited on national television and in slow motion with the President's head being blown open and skull, brain and blood matter spraying forth. It is this kind of violence shown over and over in the media that radicalizes the criminally insane or disordered.

I contend the liberal media is the blame for radicalizing the criminally disordered in this country that leads to these mass shootings and that everyone including the government must do something about it. It isn't just about gun control--it is controlling the media.


Anonymous said...

You cannot fix crazy.

Anonymous said...

Anything to push "gun control" and they are out there in force. But the one thing that is seldom in print is that Chicago which has the strictest gun control laws in the country also has the highest gun based crime rate in the country! It could be because most crime committed with a gun is done by someone who has gotten the gun by other than legal means. But this is never brought out by the media. The really sad point is that today's newspapers are not worth reading anymore, and has gone the way of TV programs. Modern media puts out more of what they want you to "think" than actual facts. Just another sad sign of the times.

Anonymous said...

Aw, man, this stuff brings the anti-gun looneys out in droves. You just have to ignore them and give to the NRA, GOA, and other groups that have common sense and understand the situation. The Left has created this atmosphere of violence, anger, and lawlessness, but they continue to blame law abiding citizens, Christians, and conservative patriots. It is a part of their agenda to bring down the country and create a socialist, government-run, State.

James said...

You can't fix crazy, and even countries with stricter gun control legislation, like the UK, have mass gun killings from time to time. The weapons of the Dunblane gun killer, Thomas Hamilton, were licensed.

But stricter gun controls do succeed in reducing the total number of guns (both licensed and unlicensed) in circulation. In the UK and in Italy there are around 12 guns per 100 people, while in the US there are 89. (

The population of the US is five times that of the UK, so you'd expect there to be five times the number of gun killings. In 2012, there were 41 gun killings in the UK. But were there around 200 in the US? No, there were 9,146. Even in countries with a serious amount of organized crime, like Italy, the number of gun killings is much lower (417 in 2012, in the case of Italy).

I've no problem with people carrying licensed handguns, and owning hunting rifles for sporting purposes. But no one needs an assault rifle at home.

Anonymous said...

It is also being reported that the shooter described himself as a "conservative Republican."


Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The American problem with violence (and look at our language even on blogs towards one another, symptomatic of the contempt we have for each other even toward the Holy Father, which is at the source of all violence whether deadly or not)is multifaceted. We have a fascination with guns, our media glorifies violence (just think of the CSI shows that show now mutilated bodies that are autopsied. And yes the way the 24 hour news networks turn these things into reality shows and milk it for all it worth. Chris Cuomo this morning badgering the sheriff of the community where this violence took place in an obsessive compulsive, self-serving way and for what to gain ratings and the adulation of the left in whose bed he is. He should rather be discussing with the owners of CNN and other major entertainment outlets their complicity in radicalizing those with serious disorders who know they will get the same kind of inane multi-hour and days coverage when they do the same thing!

I am even a bit paranoid now about Sunday Mass and what could happen, what could happen at our school and any other public place. This is insane!

Pray for the world and the victims and their families.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Pope Francis is right! We need a revolution of tenderness and it has to start not only with the individual but with the media promoting it! They need to know that all is related. If you glorify and justify what Planned Parent does and now documented in all its gory detail and support even late term partial birth abortion the next logical step for those with this type of disordered thinking is to kill at random. Why not?

Anonymous said...

The shooter's website was full of Muslim and IRA stuff. His dating website post said he was a republican. Probably lying to lure conservatives and Christians.

Anonymous said...

"A "revolution of tenderness" is not what this nation needs. It needs a revolution of toughness and integrity, righteous outrage and
swift justice at the highest levels of government and law enforcement. Whaddaya want...the Care bears?

Jusadbellum said...

1 million guns sold last year and the overall murder rate is still falling.... so more guns = less crime.

In any event, most of these guys had no criminal record and unless everyone's medical histories are to be loaded onto a national database, how exactly are we to 'run' background checks for mental health given that none of these school shooters had been involuntarily institutionalized?

The Boston Bombers used pressure cookers and home-made explosives and then ambushed a cop and took his even if we magically confiscate all guns in the US except for the police and security agents (hired by our politicians and other VIPs of course) you will still have mass killings.

In every case mind-altering drugs were involved. In almost every case the shooter came from a broken home and did not have strong friendships or relationships with family to keep them responsible. In almost every case they were loners who spent time on the internet fantasy world.

And in almost every case, the moment someone fought back, they halted their rampage and either committed suicide or got shot down by civilians or police who interrupted their shooting spree.

Calls for more background checks are pointless. Magazine bans - likewise pointless. Making people jump through more hoops...pointless.

As bad as these mad-men are, they still don't rise to the level of historic threat to life and limb of police-state authoritative regimes which is the reason for the 2nd amendment in the first place.

Few people want guns out of fear of mad-men. Most people have them out of legitimate fear for gangs and other criminals of convenience and for the threat of authoritarian regimes on the theory of better to have and not need than need and not have.

Anonymous said...

It's not true that more guns = fewer murders.
States (and nations) with fewer guns have less gun violence.
The murder rate for most Southern states is off the charts compared to the rest of the country . (Yes, Macon's murder rate, per cap, is higher than NYC or "Chirac."
Moreover, Georgia exports its gun problem to places like New York, where weapons stolen here have been used to kill NYC cops.
Loose gun laws = more killings.

Hinckley said...

America's violent movies and video games are distributed all over the world, but other countries don't have this level of violence.

Only the US makes it so easy for so many disturbed and irrational people to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

Thank you, America!

Anonymous said...

The hypocrite in chief---the president complains about gun violence, yet when thousands die in this country each day through abortion---well he never has condemned that, not even late-term abortions. I saw somewhere for instance that in New York City one year, there were more abortions than live births for blacks. I've not delving into the Muslim/Christian issue here (which is Obama?), but if the latter, how can you claim to be a Christian and yet favor abortion on demand? Basically, how can one condemn gun violence and yet support abortion?

Also worth noting---connection between church and violence. When was the last time one heard of a regular churchgoer being involved in violence? Like, "the killer was a lector at his church, a deacon at his church, sang in the choir.?"

Unfortunately churches are not safe havens either---we have 2 or 3 officers at our morning Masses here in Atlanta, though that is probably more for traffic control/parking (a good problem to have, better than empty parking spaces!), but still handy to have in case a nut drops in.

Tin Foil Tiara said...

Anonymous guy, whether or not you like it, and I don't, abortion is legal and killing people with an assault weapon is not. Work to change the law if you like, but comparing the two and suggesting that we can't denounce gun violence is absurd.

By the way, the president is a Christian. Facts are important.

Jusadbellum said...

Anonymous, there is this thing called "the internet" and on the "internet" you can search for things called "knowledge". Now, knowledge can be found from private or governmental sources. If you want governmental sources you include .gov in your search criteria.

So you can search the FBI crime statistics by category and by year. So I can go to see what the FBI reported for 2008 and then again in 2013

I read from the FBI that in 2008 there were 14,180 murders.
I read from the FBI that in 2013 there were 12,253 murders.

The FBI itself is reporting a 5 year trend of fewer murders and other crimes each year - all while gun sales are breaking records each month!

So, based on "official government known facts" more guns = less crime is absolutely the case.

James said...

@anonymous 10:32
Weirdly, gun killing is more common in countries with a high percentage of churchgoers than in more secular countries. The highest gun-killing rates are in latin American countries like El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and Brazil, but they've also got some of the highest percentages of professed Christians on the planet.

They've also got some of the lowest abortion rates around: the US is unique in having high rates for abortion as well as churchgoing and gun-killing.

I guess this is a statistical anomaly comes from lumping together the rates for the northern and southern states. You're more likely to be shot in Georgia than New York, but much less likely to be aborted. You're more likely to be in church too.

Православный физик said...

We can't possibly be so enamored by emotion, so to think that somehow adding more laws to the books, or making laws stricter are going to stop those that seek to break the law. Oregon has fairly strict gun laws, and runs comprehensive background checks. When we add more laws to the books, we punish those who seek to follow the law, not those who will break them.

It's a tragedy that so many people try to politicize death, and look at the symptoms instead of the problems. We've had violent cartoons, and various forms of media for decades...what suddenly is different now? The break down of the family...

May God have mercy on those who have died....Kyrie eleison

Anonymous said...

Jusadbellum, well done!

Now that we've covered the use of Google, here's your next assignment:

Research these issues, which were the points I actually made (as opposed to the point you'd like to make).

States (and nations) with fewer guns have less gun violence.

Loose gun laws = more killings.

Ready, set, go!

Anonymous said...

Tin Foil Tiara, you say if you don't like abortion, change the law. How? It would take a constitutional amendment to overturn Roe V Wade. Good luck getting 2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of the states to agree on anything. And we've seen that while Democratic appointees to the Supreme Court are reliably liberal, the Republican ones often are wobbly (like Anthony Kennedy and the current chief justice). So LOL getting Roe overturned and the issue sent back to the states to decide, as should be the case under our federal system.

My point is far more die from abortion than school killings. Yet Obama never denounces abortion---he fact, he views it as something of a sacrament in my view. I can't think of any restriction he has every supported on it.

Yes, I don't dispute Obama is a Christian---just a misguide one, as I would say of anyone attending the Re/ Jeremiah Wright's church in the windy city!

Unknown said...

Just to add to Flower of Lucca's comments:

Some of those countries (Brazil and Mexico) have much more restrictive firearm laws than anything in the United States, so, you know...

Anonymous said...

Conservative common sense?
There's no point in having drug laws, since people get drugs anyway?
There's no point in banning abortion because, before Roe v. Wade, people were having abortions anyway?
etc. etc.

Anonymous 2 said...

It’s really very simple -- Follow the money. Nothing will change until . . .

Anonymous said...

In other news, only 362 people were shot in Chicago in September...Obama's Chicago.

Anonymous 2 said...

Anonymous at 9:45 a.m.:

And your point is . . . ?

Anonymous said...

Figure it out, Anon 2. You are a bright guy.

Anonymous 2 said...


I am bright enough to see that your statement can be read in several different ways. Perhaps you would be so kind as to tell us which one(s) you intend. That way it may be possible for others to respond more intelligently in a more focused manner.

Anonymous said...

"Bright guys" don't blame the President for events over which he has no control.

So, we've figured out that a) you're not one the bright guys, and 2) your hatred has driven you to make meaningless assertions for the sake of sounding, in your own head, as if you're contributing to something.