Sunday, October 4, 2015


The Sistine Choir in its new magnificence, chants a splendid Latin Mass and please note their new mahogany choir stalls with music stands for their music!

 Read John Allen of Crux on the synod by pressing HERE.

What the polish priest did on Saturday while reprehensible and gives the true meaning of scandal, it is providential for Pope Francis for now he knows first hand what so many of bishops and priests are facing in the United States: the radical gay culture and lifestyle trying to infiltrate and change the Church to make it like all other forms of liberal Protestantism which actually is godless secularism.

The perception, whether right or wrong, that Pope Francis has given to the world is that he doesn't care about the sins that people commit; he only cares about the people themselves. I personally don't buy into this spin. He like, all faithful Catholics, loves sinners but hates sin.

The problem with the Polish priest is that he loves his sin and wants his sin to define who he is and thus in loving him everyone is to love his sin. At the root of his sin is a desperate, angry narcissism quite prevalent in the radical gay lifestyle. It goes against nature for he now establishes himself as a god and neglects the laws of nature the true God has established. This only leads to further disorder.

In many places throughout the USA there are legal battles with men and women who work for the Church, usually in our schools, who come out of the closet like this Polish priest in order to "revolutionize" the Church with acceptance of the radical gay lifestyle to include the redefinition of marriage along the lines of the Supreme Court.

It happened in Macon as it has elsewhere and it is divisive to the Catholic community and the community at large when it happens and places the clergy in the middle as they become demonized if they hold up the Church's teaching as we are required to do and should gladly do.

In other words, it appears that Pope Francis now has his own Flint Dollar (the music director who worked at our Catholic High School in Macon and tried to change the Church's outdated gender role teachings by getting "married" to his same sex partner). This might be quite eye opening for the Holy Father!


James said...

The new choir stalls look good (lovely quality wood), and have much improved the microphone arrangements, which helps the choir sound more focused. It's nice to see Pope Francis wearing one of his American chasubles again.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Good catch F o L! I hadn't noticed it! That tells you about the ramping up of better liturgical music and choir at St. Peter's! And yes, very nice and the boys don't have to hold their music anymore and it might make these Italian boys look a bit more disciplined, although that will take a miracle for Italian boys.

Anonymous said...

Bishop's and Pope still wearing those cheap and ghastly "Novus Ordo" costumes. Off all the Roman and Gothic vestments the Vatican has stored he just can't seem to wear any of them.

Anonymous said...

Remember the saying, if we were right then meaning before Vatican II we are right now! We have not changed the Novus Ordo came into being and changed the Church from top to bottom. Was the Church perfect before Vatican II? Good grief of course not but, it was the TRUE CHURCH and it was respected now it is laughed at and openly mocked for what it is.

Anonymous said...

I must be honest that I for one am not a Francis fan, but this Mass and the Latin and Gregorian chants were a VAST improvement from his prior ones. Why can't all Novus Ordo's be done in this manner? But just get rid of the lay lectors and kiss of peace and presentation of the gifts a complete waste of time.

Michael (Quicumque Vult) said...

The Mass and the elements you mention are great, and Jan no doubt appreciates along with me that the Roman Canon was the EP of choice (I finally got to hear it at the Mass I went to also!).

But I do have one question - what happened to the beautiful altar frontals St Peter's uses? This isn't Good Friday.

John Nolan said...

The Pope was wearing a damask chasuble, as were the concelebrating cardinals. It was nearer to conical than Gothic and looked good. The deacons' dalmatics were made for Benedict XVI (they bore his coat-of-arms) and the Pope's chasuble might have belonged to the same set.

Mass XI (Orbis Factor), as is customary on green Sundays. We now hear Masses I, VIII, IX and XVII sung on the 'correct' days - a great improvement. There is a second (mixed) choir to give a lead to the assembly, not a prima donna cantrix waving her arms about as in the Philadelphia Masses. The Ite missa est was sung to the same tone as the Kyrie, a pre-Novus Ordo practice.

The Roman Canon with the full roll-call of saints - excellent. And the cardinals who where 'in choro' all received Communion kneeling and on the tongue!

Since the Gospel is sung in Latin I don't see why the first two readings should be in English and French; they should also be sung in Latin with the Gradual and Alleluia as per the Graduale Romanum. And I agree that the polyglot bidding prayers are pointless and irritating.

However, it is churlish to carp when there is much to praise, and I thought the homily was clear and to the point. This is one of Francis's strengths (Jesuit formation, no doubt) and it's a pity his extempore comments grab the headlines.

I don't think St Peter's has a green frontal (it was not a papal colour until the 1960s) and the silver cross and candlesticks emphasized the fact that it was an ordinary Sunday Mass; the readings, though highly relevant and apposite (and I hope that Kasper was paying attention to the Gospel) were not specially chosen.