Thursday, October 1, 2015


This is stunning and a game changer in the leftist political cabal's love affair with their contrived pontiff!


The meeting between Pope Francis and Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis came at the invitation of a high-ranking Vatican official connected to the Secretariat of State of the Holy See acting on behalf of the Pope himself, Breitbart News has learned.

According to a person involved in arranging the meeting but who requested anonymity, the Vatican official called Robert Moynihan, editor of Inside the Vatican who is well known in Rome. The official asked Moynihan if he could help arrange a meeting while the Pope was in the United States.
Moynihan, who has connections in Kentucky, called a Kentucky businessman and Catholic activist who then called a well-known Catholic lawyer also from Kentucky. The lawyer, who is long-time friends with Davis lawyer Matt Staver, told Staver that he and Moynihan had to meet personally with Davis. The source told Staver, “I can’t tell you what its about but you have to trust me.”
The group drove to Rowan County for a meeting with Davis in her office. The source said the men had to maneuver through a phalanx of press to get to her office.
They put her on the phone with the Vatican official, who then invited her to meet with the Pope.
An unnamed Vatican official is quoted in the Washington Post today saying the meeting had to have come from the Davis team. Two sources involved in arranging the meeting have insisted to Breitbart News that the invitation was from the Pope directly to the Vatican official and then to Davis and that Davis’s lawyers were not involved and neither were any others from the Davis camp.
One source speculated that the Chancery of the Washington Archdiocese and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops were deliberately kept out of the loop for fear that the meeting might be scuttled.
Her advisers told Davis not to wear white or red “because of the snarkiness of the press.”


Anonymous said...

Fr. McD said: "This is stunning and a game changer in the leftist political cabal's love affair with their contrived pontiff!"
Yep. Huffington Post put up an article entitled: "How Pope Francis Undermined the Goodwill of His Trip and Proved to Be a Coward" How about that for the end of a love affair?
And the comments! Whew! Things like, "When I found out that he met with Kim Davis, I lost respect for him. I thought he said "Who am I to judge?"" He does not practice what he preaches."
So there you have it. Whoever had Oct. 1st in the pool as to what date the Left would turn on the Pope, you won.

Mark Thomas said...

Dear Father McDonald, just seconds ago, I read the following desperate "damage control" story posted by Huffington Post:

The article attempts desperately to pretend the following:

"Popes meet with a lot of people, both during the general audiences, and even more while traveling. The ways of organizing these meetings vary widely, especially when the pope travels, and the pope himself is often unaware of what's been planned for him."

"Second point: It is clear that the non-public meeting between the pope and Kim Davis has forced the hand of the pope in order to make him say something he avoided saying during the trip to America. Lawyers for Kim Davis did the rest, choosing the perfect timing for the revelation: that is, when the pope had already left America and during a time of day in Rome (where I am these days) when it was impossible for the Vatican to react."

*******Fourth point. The pope is aware of the world, but it is highly unlikely that he was aware of who Kim Davis was and the controversy generated by her refusal to obey the law of the land.*******

"Fifth point. We do not know what the Pope has said to Kim Davis - unless you want to believe (without verification or evidence of any kind) Davis' lawyers. The gift of a rosary and an invitation to "stay strong" is something that the pope would tell all. John XXIII in 1963 gave a rosary to the daughter of Nikita Khrushchev in an audience at the Vatican with her husband, and Rada Krusciova kept the rosary forever."

His Holiness Pope Francis was clueless as to Kim Davis and the tremendous controversy that surrounded her.

Pope Francis simply handed a Rosary to Kim Davis, a person whose identity and story were unknown to him.

Is that really what the news media wishes us to believe?


Mark Thomas

MR said...

And yet this source claims Francis was "blindsided" by the meeting:

So who knows?

Paul said...

Isn't that something? The agenda-driven press are howling:

How dare this Pope meet with that, that Kim Davis thing? And we thought he was so humble and would move dialogue forward (if only a little bit).

Now he is a coward, a betrayer, one who we thought was speaking meaningful words. We know him now through his actions!

Crucify Him!

/sarcasm off

Isn't humanity a fickle bunch?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Pope Francis has constantly warned about the Church becoming worldly. He has to do that the love affair that the world is having with him (caused by the Mass media's manipulation of his often less than clear words in the direction of him being the anti-Benedict and thus less Catholic)is a sign of a despicable worldliness that compromises the truth and mission of the Church.

I think this meeting that Pope Francis initiated with Kim Davis before His Holiness even left Rome and then knowing quite well that it would come out only a day or two after his return to Rome was quite well calculated to make sure that His apostolic journey wasn't completely hi-jacked by the liberal media in the country and twisted to contiue the meme that Pope Francis isn't Catholic.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

It appears too that the Vatican is quite informed through many sources, especially the more prominent blogs of the manipulation of Pope Francis here and elsewhere.

I would not be surprised that the slowness of the news coming out about this from the Vatican is calculated to keep this story in the news here. I think we will see soon photos coming and maybe even a video. This will extend the life of this story and show that liberal Catholics, to include priests, such as Fr. Beck and James Martin have egg on their faces in helping the liberal media with their liberal meme about Pope Francis not being Catholic and thus friendly to the world.

Clyde Catholic said...

The Vatican is now hurriedly apologizing for the Pope's visit to Kim Davis. LOL! It was just a friendly visit and in no way indicated support of this woman's position. Don't you just love this stuff? God forbid that the Pope should actually support someone with moral courage. LOL! We just cannot have that. Besides, we can't have things like this side-tracking our Leftist agenda.

Unknown said...

This Kim Davis lady should file for conscious objection status. She is an elected official. If she will not deliver the goods as expected if elected she should be impeached! What happens to a Pharmacist who will not fill particular prescriptions? They are Fired! This Kim Davis meeting with the Pope was either totally callous or totally selfish to put the Holy Father in that position. At best it was totally Stupid of some Bishop or somebody at the Apostolic Nunciuture!

FR Timothy K Ryan , Lt Col. USAF Retired
Retired Priest of the Diocese of Savannah