Friday, October 30, 2015


I have a disclaimer. The first Halloween costume I wore as a child of 3 or so was a red devil's outfit with tail and all. I absolutely loved it and of course I still remember it fondly or else I wouldn't be writing about it now.

I just celebrated our school Mass which was an All Saint's prelude. The 4th graders dressed up as various saints and were in the procession at the beginning. They spent a lot of time on their saint's costumes. I was impressed. For many of these children it may be the only time during the year that they actually see a nun's habit in person. Yes, in a Catholic school no less, but what the heck.

At the end of Mass I charged the 4th graders to wear their saints' costumes for Halloween on Saturday night. What a refreshing change that would be from the silly costumes that are worn especially the silly celebrity ones. And I said to them that if anyone asks what it is they are wearing, they could explain it and what the particular saint did so famously.

What do you think? How can we get parents to encourage their children to dress as saints on Halloween? If I were a child, I would dress as Saint Denis with my head in hand! Please note, though, that Saint Denis' halo is where his head was! The cathedral in Savannah has a mural of Saint Denis with all the saints in the clerestory processing toward the altar and he has head-in-hand with the halo where his head was. I just loved that!

Here's a few other good saints' costumes:


James said...

Saints Catherine, Lucy and Lawrence would work well too (although I wouldn't fancy lugging a BBQ around when going trick or treating).

It's a bit late for us to get saints costumes, but at least our kids won't look too satanic (the eldest has a black cat costume, the middle one a pumpkin outfit, and the youngest a ladybird one).

Gene said...

I guess Kavanaugh is going disguised as a Priest...

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

One of the best pix I ever took was of this assemblage at Notre Dame. I had a print made and gave it to my eldest nephew, Dennis. He still displays it in his living room.