Monday, October 15, 2018


This really sounds pre-Vatican II to me. What saint taught this?

The (Holy Sacrifice of the Mass) makes us look back to Calvary twenty centuries ago .. . [b]ut it also looks ahead to the future, to the eternal, eschatological and definitive horizon that presents itself as a demanding ideal to all political systems, to all social struggles, to all those concerned for the earth. The church does not ignore the earth, but in the eucharist it says to all who work on earth: look beyond. Each time the Victim is lifted up at Mass, Christ’s call is heard: “Until we drink it anew in my Father’s kingdom.” And the people reply: “Come, Lord Jesus.”… Death is not the end. Death is the opening of eternity’s portal. That is why I say: all the blood, all the dead, all the mysteries of iniquity and sin, all the tortures, all those dungeons of our security forces, where unfortunately many persons slowly die, do not mean they are lost forever.


The Egyptian said...

what a pity, all those ignored soldiers, mass in Latin and not being able to see what is going on, the priest doesn't even face them, it's like they are the unwashed or something.
by today's standards they are getting nothing out of it and no participation too boot, just totally ignored by the priest
Oh how I wish mass could be like this again, the holiness expressed in that scene is beyond today's understanding

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes juxtapose that photo with the laity at the canonization when they see themselves on tv when the camera pans over to them, no matter what part of the Mass! Vatican news would do well not to show close ups of people during the Mass as they can see this on the Jumbotrons in front of them. It turns the congregation into fans at a sporting event.