Wednesday, October 10, 2018


It was October of 1958 and we had been in the USA for less than two years, having moved from Naples, Italy to Atlanta, Georgia, East Point, specifically and Fort McPherson, which today is closed and being used as a movie studio for such shows like the Walking Dead.

I remember being at lunch or supper in our apartment and my father allowing the new fangled TV being on so we could watch the Requiem. I remember saying something funny unintentionally which made everyone laugh. A glib four year old that I was.


Mark Thomas said...

I find it interesting as to how, within and without the Church, each beloved Pontiff from Venerable Pius XII to Francis is trashed by certain folks.

-- Pope Venerable Pius XII...has become "Hilter's Pope," who aided supposedly the Nazis.

-- Pope Saint John XXIII...Right-wingers within and without the Church have labeled him a "communist." Many "traditionalists" have labeled him a "heretic."

When the Pennsylvania Report was released recently, Rorate Caeli insisted that the report proved that "he as no Saint."

"Traditionalists" have insisted that he agreed with communists to have the Council refrain from having condemned communism. Vatican II, in fact, condemned communism.

-- Pope Blessed Paul VI..."traditionalists" have insisted that he was a homosexual. Rorate Caeli labeled him recently as more destructive than Pope Francis. Pope Blessed Paul VI is despised among right-wingers.

Archbishop Lefebvre, for example, insisted that Blessed Paul VI had rejected the Faith.

-- Pope John Paul I...not much to say here.

-- Pope Saint John Paul II...attacked viciously by right-wingers. Example: Archbishop Lefebvre insisted that Pope Saint John Paul II had lost the Faith...and had thrown in with the enemies of Jesus Christ.

Labeled a "modernist" (think Assisi gatherings) by "traditionalists."

Left-wingers insisted that Pope Saint John Paul II was a staunch, traditional, right-wing "reactionary" who had "put the breaks on Vatican II."

-- Pope Benedict XVI...trashed by many "traditionalists" as a "modernist." As a peritus during Vatican II, he attended the Council dressed in a suit and tie.

"Traditionalists" have labeled him a "coward" for his having resigned as Pope.

Left-wingers portrayed him as a cold, emotionless, traditional, right-wing reactionary.

He was also labeled a "Nazi."

-- Pope Francis...oh, my! Forget it!

"Traditionalists" have labeled him the "Evil Clown,"...heretic...he hates Jesus Christ and the Church...

...he never condemns abortion...never speaks about the persecution of Middle Eastern Christians...

...he would outlaw the TLM, excommunicate the SSPX, allow wide-open Communion to Protestants...

...would overthrow Humanae working secretly on the "Ecumenical Mass," which he will impose shortly upon the Latin Church...

...would remove Cardinal Burke from the College of Cardinals.

Oh,yeah...he also rescinded "canonical" sanctions that Pope Benedict XVI had imposed upon then-Cardinal McCarrick.

Those are the thumbnail sketches, courtesy of left-and-right-wingers, of our Popes — from Venerable Pius XII to Francis.

It is all left-wing and right-wing nonsense, of course.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Father McDonald, did you speak English prior to your having moved to America?

How much of the Italian language have you retained?

Thank you.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


Your cut and past job is laughable but since you are a leftist you may not be very happy to find out that the author of the Deputy (first written work to suggest Pius XII was a nazi sympathizer) was written by a leftist. Lefty-wing, lefty-wing, left-wing

Ira Fischbein said...

Mr. Thomas,

After reading this blog for several weeks, I have noticed two things about your posts:

1). You seem to have a great dislike of Traditionalists and insist on letting everyone know it.

2). You have this relentless need to have the last word, bordering on trolldom.

Just my observations. But I would like to know WHERE in the Vatican II documents is Communism condemned? And please don't give me an example that denounces the principle behind communism, I am looking for an explicit, specific condemnation of Communism.

Or is the Metz Accord just more "traditionalist conspiracy theorizing"?

TJM said...

Ira Fischbein,

MT is an intellectually confused young man, condemning traditionalists (or as he loves to call them right-wingers) but fails to recognize that leftism's goal is to destroy the Church and it actively promotes the murder of the unborn and gay marriage.

John Nolan said...

Rolf Hochhuth's 1963 play 'Der Stellvertreter' was, wittingly or unwittingly, influenced by a Soviet disinformation campaign against Pius XII which began twenty years earlier.

The USSR brought disinformation to such a high art (including expert forging of documents on a huge scale) that present-day historians dealing with events of a mere 70-80 years ago have difficulty in disentangling fact from fiction. A left-wing playwright of the 1960s was hardly best placed to do so.

Once again, I fail to understand MT. He trawls the internet to find people with extreme opinions verging on insanity and trots them out to prove - what exactly? That those who criticize Pope Francis for his ambivalence, failure to confirm the brethren, penchant for insulting fellow-Catholics, surrounding himself with advisers as dubious as Fernandez, Spadaro, Rosica et al., can't have a case? It's preposterous.

And to suggest, as he does, that whenever PF speaks we are hearing the words of Jesus Christ is as extreme as any of the nutters he quotes, and is heretical to boot.

TJM said...

John Nolan,