Monday, October 15, 2018


Common sense about the actual cause of the clergy sex abuse scandal is only in part clericalism. The main culprit is narcissistic homosexuals admitted to the priesthood by bishops who think that these homosexuals aren't formed by the free love secular mentality and that gay sex is somehow sacrosanct.

The clericalism related to this is homosexual/homoerotic clericalism of bishops, priests and yes, laity.

Cardinal CUPICH grow up!

Press title for complete article:

Exclusive: Cupich says bishops must cede authority, allow lay oversight of accusations


TJM said...

Cupich, an apostate, is presiding over a dying Chicago Church. This show will be coming to Washington DC soon with another disastrous appointment by PF.

Anonymous said...

Jack here...

Well, you have to admit this is PART of the problem: "I think we take our eye off the ball if we don't deal with the business of privilege, power and protection of a clerical culture," he said. "Those three elements have to be eradicated from the life of the church. Everything else is a sideshow if we do not get at that." ...

BUT, then he contradicts himself with clericalism exponential: "It (re: a national investigative body) has to either come from Rome or [the] individual bishop."
As we know, many prelates in Rome and some individual bishops, i.e. those who cynically and sinfully practice/encourage active clerical homosexual cover-up (in the name of “accompaniment”?) are the most culpable in “The Present Crisis”. And now, because of all this history, the secular authorities know better than to await a Church investigation.

So, Cupich’s interview is all just moot blather designed to make him look like a sympathetic hero to the masses. Bernardin must be looking on with pride. Believe it if you choose. But believe this as well: The masses are much better informed these days and many are getting angrier by the day...

rcg said...

I have two degrees of dissatisfaction with this proposal. First, it appears to abdicate responsibility for the purpose to a group of people that will bring local concerns to the goals. How does this help the laity establish a Christ-like approach to these isues unless it assumes from the beginning that the bishops have no idea how to do it. Secondly, my most paranoid thoughts lead me to think that the bishop is counting on the ‘right’ people controlling the committees and letting things continue as they are.

I am at a loss to understand what prevents them from acting to remove the most grevious actors, pursuing their influences and removing them. They seem to be afraid that people will become a mob and physically harm child molesters outside of legal recourse. Their hesitation increases that chance, IMO, because people will begin to feel that they are being manipulated by the Church and government authorities and remain in danger. There is an awful lot of truth to that concern and this constant slow rolling will actually increase danger to homosexuals as people lose confidence in the social organs that are supposed to protect everyone.

TJM said...

Here's a potential theme for the Synod:

Welcome to the Burger King gospel. You know their slogan, “Have it Your Way.”

Anonymous said...

Bee here:

In response to rcg on October 15, 2018 at 3:27 PM:

rcg said: "I am at a loss to understand what prevents them from acting to remove the most grevious [sic] actors, pursuing their influences and removing them."

I was at this point in my thinking some 20 years ago when the sexual abuse scandal first hit. Today I say, why indeed!

Ask yourself, why oh why wouldn't a bishop, if he were a sincere Catholic, not remove an offending priest, or a Pope, if he were a true believing Catholic, not remove offending clerics? Would you remove someone you had authority over for such egregious conduct, for actions outside the bounds of doctrinally morally acceptable behavior?

Ask yourself, does the Mafia expel members who are "made" men, even while denouncing murder and crime in public statements?

And for Cardinal Cupich to say something like "Every bishop has to be willing to say, 'I will allow myself to be investigated by an independent group if there is an accusation against me.' " makes one wonder, if a bishop is a true believing Catholic, why wouldn't he subject himself to such scrutiny?

Do you want to follow such men, and have them teach you? Teach you as I say, not as I do? Teach you is complicated?...sometimes "things" happen?, stop judging the situation? Sounds to me like PR...damage air.

If we don't have holy priests and bishops, who needs them? I can get worldly ways just by turning on the T.V. I don't need to go to a church to get that.

God bless.

Rood Screen said...

If these bishops can't be trusted to do their jobs, then they shouldn't have their jobs.