Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Some think this is sacrilegious but it is actually very creative. What do you think. It is actually spectacular.

The lightshow mapped onto the fa├žade of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in Rome on Oct. 26:


Anonymous said...

That building is a sacred. It has been consecrating for the worship of God. The Blessed Sacrament as well as the remains of one of the most important saints in the Church are housed inside. What they did was blasphemous.

Fr Martin Fox said...

I don't see that as blasphemous or sacrilegious. Had they done something like that on the interior, that would be different. The presentation didn't impose anything evil or anti-Catholic on the facade of the church. I was bracing for something involving ghosts or demons or something. Rather, I would call it playful.

rcg said...

It has that European artist feel to it. Strange distortions of perception. I sort of like that. It was well done, in my lame opinion.

qwikness said...

It could have been better. It was disjointed and didn't transition into anything like a story. Generic actually. It would be interesting if it had some sort of church related meaning. If anything it could be interpreted as the destruction of the church. I doubt that. The artist simply did a quick show with some affects from the software he used.