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The Great reformer:
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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

The Vatican Insi der is an apologist for Pope Francis and has become His Holiness Great Defender. How good is that? But in its eagerness to crush Arcgbishop Vigano, that great reformer in the tradition of that other first great reformer in the first aspect of his vision of reform, Martin Luther, 
they are intentionally throwing out the baby with the bath water.

This is particularly odd given Pope Francis rehabilitation of Martin Luther even with this great reformer's dark, antisemitic, pathological side.

If the Vatican can rehabilitate Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation and even issue a Vatican stamp with Martin Luther standing at the foot of the Cross, shouldn't Archbishop Vigano be cut some slack and be taken seriously as a great reformer himself especially given his love for the papacy as an institution and for the Church?

And shouldn't the Vatican Insider examine the role of Pope Francis as the Great Polarizer leading the Church to the brink of Schism with his 1970's mentality and nostalgia canonized with the actual canonization of two of the most polarizing figures of the 1970's, Pope St. Paul VI and St. Oscar Romero as well as the canonization of the Spirit of Vatican II they created?

And what about the anger and rage Pope Francis has fomented throughout the polarized Church he is creating symbolized by Archbishop Vigano?

Press title for complete diatribe:
An excerpt:

Does this mean then that everything, concerning the management of the case, was conducted to the best of one’s ability? Obviously not. The Pope, who in the case of Chile acknowledged his share of responsibility in not having given credit to the accusations of Father Karadima’s victims about the involvement of Bishop Barros, announced a thorough investigation into McCarrick. But the solution certainly doesn’t lie in listening to those who rise up as great accusers, to those who self-invest themselves in the mission of supreme judge, to those who rush to find the speck in the eyes of others forgetting the log stuck in their own. The Church cannot turn into a great tribunal, torn apart by powerful political-media lobbies that would like to dictate her agenda. There is no doubt that better procedures are needed for appointing bishops and a shrewder selection in the seminaries, going so far as to ordain only men who are able to live in celibacy, even if there will still be scandals because sin, as long as the world lasts, will never be eradicated. But first and foremost, it is necessary to rediscover the essential of the Christian message, namely that the Church is not founded on the skill of its pastors or its members - from the Pope to the last faithful - nor is it saved by the best business practices of those who mistake it with a multinational. The Gospel is saved and proclaimed, if those who are part of it look at the Another, recognizing themselves as fragile sinners in need of infinite mercy. All, from the Pope to the last faithful.  


Anonymous said...

This is one assertion in the LaStampa article:

"Equally questionable is the concerted insistence with which Viganò’s supporters follow the former nuncio in presenting clergy homosexuality as the problem that lies at the root of child sexual abuse. This is not a true theory, because any sexual abuse of children or vulnerable adults by priests is first and foremost an abuse of clerical power and an abuse of conscience."

Has Archbishop Vigano taken the position that "homosexuality [is] the problem that lies at the root of child sexual abuse"? As the Pennsylvania report brought out (and which corresponds to other studies), child abuse represents just a small fraction of cases. Most victims taken advantage of by priests and hierarchal prelates have been post-pubescent and of the male sex.

Sure, clericalism has been involved, but what has been of great concern to Archbishop Vigano and others, both lay and clerical, is the homosexual aspect of the greatest percentage of the cases, and this being the primary agent of exploitation of those in the clerical state. This concern is warranted because clericalism (which manifests in part as an abuse of power), is always something of which to be circumspect within the hierarchal structure of the Church. Even more so is the specter of homosexuality, since we are dealing with an all-male culture where it seems there have been little or no safeguards to prevent its manifestation and operation.

I would be remiss if I didn't add that one thing which has exacerbated the effects of what has transpired is a necessary level of concern for the victims of all this.

The one thing we can continue to do is to pray for the Holy Father, and all cardinals, bishops, and priests, that each function in their respective office as God desires them to, and not do so out of selfish and sinful motives.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

The quote about homosexuality is a political-like talking point being used by the politically, not religiously motivated progressive left in the Church who unfortunately have the pope's ear. But clericalism is involved and it is the clericalism of the left's use of this fake talking point as well as their homosexual clericalism.

Mark Thomas said...

I view as accurate Vatican Insider's reports on Archbishop Viganò's testimonies in question.

As Vatican Insider has noted during the past few weeks:

-- Archbishop Viganò has disseminated many assertions. However, he has not produced evidence to support his claims.

-- He has coordinate his attacks against Pope Francis via right-wing media forces who despise Pope Francis.

-- Archbishop Viganò has thrice changed his tale about "canonical sanctions/sanctions."

He claimed initially that the "sanctions" were "canonical." That claim proved false. He then switched his tale to that of "private sanctions." He then switched that tale in his latest statement...he admitted that the "sanction" were not "sanctions."

He claims now that the "sanctions" were not sanctions...they were "provisions."

Vatican Insider has presented facts in regard to their coverage o Archbishop Viganò's ever-changing testimonies.


Mark Thomas

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Be that as it may, he has revealed something rotten in Denmark which has made Francis supporters in the political sense apocalyptic. Viganò is like Martin Luther and it shouldn’t take 500 years for the Vatican to praise him like Pope Francis did all year long!

Anonymous said...

Mark Thomas:
You are quibbling over just one aspect of many in an ongoing controversy.
The bottom line is that Cardinal McCarrick disobeyed Pope Benedict.
He was, and is, under a vow of obedience. What the Holy Father had asked
him to do was not something known only between the two of them.
One can speculate why Pope Benedict did it in the way he did.
Perhaps it was to mitigate, minimize, or avoid greater scandal.
Perhaps he had some indication that Cardinal McCarrick might
not go along with any imposed sanctions
Then again, there were also Card. McCarrick's friends and supporters
in the Curia and elsewhere to worry about.

In addition to whatever else he is guilty of, he disobeyed the Pope.

Dan said...

Soon it will be Saint Martin Luther!