Sunday, October 14, 2018


The man who said no to free love: Paul VI becomes saint

Jean-Louis de la Vaissiere,AFP 5 hours ago


George said...
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George said...

Recently when I opened a form letter I had received from a group of missionary sisters who serve in a number of places including Ecuador.
After a recent earthquake in that country, some of the sisters came across a young girl who was in shock, covered in dirt, and standing next to a collapsed structure. She was also clutching an old t-shirt.
The sisters took her in, washed her, and clothed her. She would not give up the t-shirt though. When someone tried talking her in giving it to them, she would clutch it tighter. Months later it was noticed that she still had it.
Eventually the sisters found why the shirt meant so much to her. It turned out that it was all she had left of her father who had perished in the earthquake. Her father had meant the world to her and so she continued to cling to the one thing she still had of his. A story such as this can cause us to ponder and reflect on the value of every human life and that each of us was created in the image and likeness of God Himself.
When we consider how this child felt toward her father, doesn't this serve as an example of how optimally, our relationship to God should be? That no matter what, we will not succumb to anyone or anything that would disrupt, take us away from, or bring about an end to our relationship with Him and His Church.

George said...

I re-submitted my original comment with corrections. That's what happens when
one gets in a hurry.

TJM said...

I wonder what Paul VI would have thought of Cupich of Chicago thinking it's just fine for gay couples to present themselves for Holy Communion? In my opinion, we are in schism and the greatest enemies of Christ and His Church are found from within.

George said...

Long after our temporal existence has ceased, when in some future day the liturgy is celebrated in whatever form that is allowed and permitted, Humanae Vitae will stand as a salient testament, a sure and true proclamation of Eternal Truth; a refutation of the unholy excesses and effluvia permeating the ethos of our time.

Mark Thomas said...

Interesting, at least to me, film of Pope Saint Paul VI:


Mark Thomas

Tony V said...

When someone has 'a high risk' of developing brain damage, but doesn't, that's not a miracle. That's like saying if the weatherman says there's an 80% chance of rain and all we get is partly cloudy, it must be divine intervention.

The hierarchy's credibility is bad enough, what with financial corruption and rampant sexual perversion. It's only worsened by these bogus canonisations.