Saturday, October 27, 2018


You can read this incredibly angry article by pressing the title. While it isn’t an official tool of the Vatican it does indicate Pope Francis’ “inner court’s” besieged mentality and perhaps that of the pope’s. It indicates their animosity toward the Church in the USA. I am afraid it indicates a mental, paranoid breakdown.

Here are some sound bites:

The clerical-media maneuvers built around Viganò’s statements are a sign that influential and well-fed ecclesial sectors now consider the papacy and the Church as private property, in a sort of attempt to transforming them into structures of power in need of a certain ideological legitimacy. Their hybris – foolish arrogance - triggers and feeds in the ecclesial dynamisms the seed of self-destruction. As always, in the history of the Church, the only persecutions that are truly without remedy are those that Christians inflict on themselves. At the same time, the global mediatized mainstream does not focus on the destructive scope of the new clerical prideIt focuses on chasing stories that tell of a Church besieged by sexual and financial scandals, sins and crimes of priests, bishops and cardinals. And it suggests connecting this state of affairs with the responsibilities, shortcomings and failures of Pope Francis himself.  

Former disappointed fans and hardened denigrators of Pope Francis chant in chorus the mantra of the “Fragile Pope”. Recording the decline of consensus in the polls, they reproach announced reforms which came out botched, and errors in the management of dossiers. Inconsistent choices. Bungled solutions. Former lovers of the false rhetoric of the “superstar” Pope, now they raise their eyebrows before the “disappointing” Pope. While the professional bashers of the pontificate do not miss a single opportunity to bill the Bishop of Rome for every glitch and every trace of illness in the ecclesial structure, excited as a pack of dogs on a fox hunting day.  

From St Peter’s - who denied Jesus - until today, it is not the human limitations of the Popes that are endangering the Church, but the clerical corpses that treat the ecclesial body as a joint-stock company, and plan lobbying media operations to push the Bishop of Rome to resign, treating him like any “managing director” of a company.  


TJM said...

Well here is one misplaced priority, this bunch must think Das Kapital has replaced the Bible:

Of course, the Church is free to kick in the money the US withdrew (US is beating every country in reducing carbon emissions) if they really believe this is a top priority,

If the average Catholic followed the doings of the clergy as much as many of us do, the Churches would be virtually empty. They have gone bats

John Nolan said...

It's not merely irrational, it's incoherent. Whoever translated it did not have English to 'native speaker standard' which is essential when translating a document into what is not your first language. So we have expressions like 'ecclesial dynamisms', 'intercepting presumed universes of youth with some facelift', 'the poor of all poverty', 'facts of reality' and so on.

And how are we expected to make sense of the following? 'In effect, only what remains of the People of God seems to have instinctively felt the change of pace in the ecclesial crisis catalyzed also around the so-called operation-Vigano ...' No doubt the author meant 'crystallized', but it's still meaningless. When I got to 'clerical corpses that treat the ecclesial body as a joint-stock company' I had a mental image of the mouldering inhabitants of the Cripta dei Cappuccini lining up to buy shares.

However, the biggest laugh was when the author wrote 'it is also easy to recognize that Pope Francis, for what is incumbent upon him, is doing well the task to which he has been called to (sic). He confirms his brothers in the faith of the apostles.'

rcg said...

John, I think the author meant ‘precipitated’. That is based on my reading of “English as She is Spoke”. Look for it on Amazon.

John Nolan said...

Best to avoid chemical metaphors, then!