Tuesday, October 9, 2018


A priest should keep the pastoral needs of the congregation in mind when choosing between different options for the Mass:

Under 30’s: 1962 Missal

Over 50’s: Youth Mass

Over 70’s and one child is present: Children’s Liturgy


TJM said...


Joseph Johnson said...

Father McDonald,
I'm over 50 and have preferred the EF Mass ever since I first got to know it well when I was in my early 30's. Your "MC" for the Latin Mass at the Cathedral (the dentist) is also close to my age and over 50. We are among the oldest of those who were deprived of the privilege of growing up with the older form of the Latin Mass (I was 4 in 1965, when the Missal was modified and began to be celebrated mostly in the vernacular, and 8 in 1969 when the Novus Ordo Missae was first promulgated).

The EF Mass---it's not just for millenials and people in their 90's and older! My mother, who is 80, even prefers it.

rcg said...

Reminds me of the riddle of the Sphinx. But It may mental weakening rather than physical.

Servimus Unum Deum said...

Lol! Really so the 30 and under crowd gets the TLM? Well if Fr must do that Mass for my generation and lower, that’s fine by me!

Carol H. said...

LOL! I will just have to attend the 30 and under TLM with my sons!