Thursday, January 10, 2019


John Allen as an interesting article at Crux. What do you make of the rumors. Press title for full article. Excerpt below title:
Although 2019 just began, it’s possible that this year’s signature doctrinal controversy could also center on the Eucharist.
Rumors are currently making the rounds that Francis may be getting ready for an ecumenical Communion service with Protestants, in particular Lutherans, the details of which have been entrusted to an informal working group. The idea is that despite whatever nuances may separate Lutheran and Catholic understandings of the Eucharist, they would be judged insufficiently serious to prevent mutual reception of the sacrament, at least under certain circumstances.
Such rumors, by the way, have circulated since Francis traveled to Sweden in October of 2016 to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, and they may very well be inaccurate or exaggerated. Yet the very fact they o at all is revealing, in part because of what that says about people’s perceptions of this pope’s approach to Eucharistic topics.


Dan said...

Priests should revolt! As well as all Catholics. How dare these evil people consider "aborting" the real presence and Person of Christ from His Mass... from the Mother Church. For what??? To be less "offensive?"

Seriously, what would be the point of ordination if one is forced to participate in sterile "celebrations?"

Dan said...

If this happens, I do not think I could remain in whatever "church" that would do this to Herself and Our Lord.

It would mean to me that it has become demonic.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

When you read Allen's full article, what is implied is that rank and file orthodox Catholics don't trust Pope Francis because of past action, ambiguous double-speak and the like, thus a rumor or as the pope calls it "gossip" spreads and is believed such as an ecumenical Mass.

But the very fact that John Allen who is a reliable reporter mentions it as currently swirling around Rome is significant. But the questions remains, is it fact or fiction?

I pray it is fiction, because an ecumenical "Mass" would destroy orthodox Catholicism's sacramental system beginning with the nature of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. I can't believe Pope Francis would be so stupid, but even here I must admit that I wonder if His Holiness is, that commonality is more important than creed, meaning dogma. That is frightening to say the least.

rcg said...

The mere fact that it is plausable is the most telling and troubling aspect of the rumor. Likewise HF has not quashed the rumor; but the papcy is now known for its isolation from the media as evidenced by its slow reaction to the sex abuse conspiracy and ignorance the China was Communist.

George said...

To be worthily admitted to the privilege of receiving there must exist an affirmation of belief, a profession of faith, signified by word and outward conduct and lifestyle, that one, in fact, is in communion with the Body of Christ, His Holy Catholic Church. To worthily receive, one must believe what the Church teaches and this belief is manifested both inwardly and outwardly as a confirmation of this belief. The reality that there are those Church members who receive the Body and Blood of Christ unworthily is not reason enough to admit to reception those of other denominations, even while acknowledging that there are and have been times in which those of other creeds have been present at our Masses and come forward and received.
If one has a co-operative and willing attitude and desire, God will supply the necessary grace for one to accept and to do those things which are required to come into and be in communion with our Faith. While it may be a noble aspiration, is just not possible for the Church to permit those outside of her to participate in our Communion, even while it is to be acknowledged that there are those within the Church who receive unworthily.
Where some may see "walls" or unnecessary barriers in what the Church allows or does not allow, in its wisdom is does what is prudent, fundamental, and indispensable to protect and safeguard what we believe in, which are those things given to us by God.

Dan said...

George you forget that Francis is silent (if not a privately encouraging) while the bishops in Germany are inviting non-Catholics to receive the Eucharist.

Fr Martin Fox said...

I will certainly not leave the Catholic Church, no matter what the pope might do. It's my Church, too; why should I leave?

As to this proposal for some sort of intercommunion. One risk he runs is that lots and lots of faithful priests (including me) are very reluctant to criticize the pope, for various reasons. (I can expand on that if desired.)

But something like this will break open the dam. As it is, the dam has a lot of cracks in it, due to McCarrick and the move to squelch the U.S. bishops' discussions. This would bust the dam wide open.

It's hard to see why the Holy Father would want to spark widespread and open criticism of the sort I am describing. It's very hard to see why bishops would want that to happen. Even some of those who might be in sympathy would be astute enough to see how destructive it would be. The too-loose interpretations of Amoris Laetitia might be seen as a "camel's nose under the tent" approach; this would be blowing up the tent.