Saturday, January 26, 2019


At the Mass for priests and religious today, Pope Francis consecrated a new altar for an old cathedral.

It did something I never saw before and maybe John Nolan would like to chime in:

After the consecration of the altar and its vesting and nicely I might add as is the altar itself, the Bishop of the Diocese then did the offertory prayer, the Orate Fratres, Preface Dialogue and Preface, all this while Pope Francis remained at the throne, I mean, chair.

Then during the Sanctus, which in Spanish was interminable, Pope Francis came to the newly consecrated altar to pray the Eucharistic Prayer as the bishop stood to the side. Kosher?


John Nolan said...

My comments:

Guido Marini was there and he would have advised PF as to the Novus Ordo requirements. As I have said before, it is a protean beast and its rubrics are descriptive rather than proscriptive.

The new altar is very fine and had the so-called 'Benedictine' arrangement. As for the music, the celebrant should have sung his parts (in Spanish, why not?) but the vernacular Mass settings were restrained and quite devotional. I would be happy participating in such a service.

But then, I am a traditional Catholic, and know tradition when I see it.

Anonymous said...

At this point who the hell cares. Francis was silence when Ireland approved “gay marriage”. Francis told a protestant woman who asked about receiving communion to make up her own mind. Francis said Our Lady doubted a the foot of the cross. Francis has called faithful Catholics every ourageous and uncharitable name possible. Francis has said that in some circumstances sacraligeous communion is an option for adulterers. Francis changed the wording of the Our Father in different languages because he knew better than all those who preceded him. Francis surrounds himself with perverts of every kind, well actually only one kind, but you get the picture. Francis knew about McCarrick, Wuerl and others and does nothing. When ONE bishop in the entire world has the guts to confront and accuse Francis what does he do.....nothing. “I won’t say a word”. And you are questioning liturgical abuse. Liturgical abuse is normative in the Novus Ordo world. Piety, reverence and adherence to the rubrics is not the norm at a Novus Ordo Mass. Who cares at this point. That man has done more damage to the faith and to souls than Martin Luther. Frankly I can’t wait until his carcass is buried 8 feet under.