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The Maltese author the the article below chooses this somewhat unflattering photo of the current Archbishop of Malta, Archbishop Scicluna, whose last name she shares. Not sure, though, if they are related.

FROM THE MALTA WINDS NEWSPAPER: My comments embedded in the article in RED. 

The article is about the decline in Mass attendance the last 50 years. She has some unorthodox views as to why this has happened, a mixed bag of fact and fiction, mostly fiction to fit her narrative:

Apparently, it’s not me, it’s you

Posted by Giselle Scicluna on 30th January 2019 in Opinion

Statistics published by Discern, the research institute of the Archdiocese of Malta paint a very grim picture for the Church in our country. A mere fifty years ago, the number of faithful who attended Sunday mass was at a whopping eight-two percent of the population. Fresh from the abhorrent religio-political war of the early sixties, with people still reeling from the horrific effects of ‘id-dnub il-mejjet’ (interdiction), eighty-two percent was then a huge number indeed.

Fast forward five decades and that number has dwindled to a scant thirty-six percent, (which by today's standards elsewhere ain't bad!) which figures show is hugely made up of attendees who are over fifty years of age. The same published data also predicts that if numbers keep on declining at the current rate, by 2040 only ten percent of Malta’s Catholic population will be attending Sunday Mass. Interestingly, against this scenario, the same study also reveals that ninety-two percent of the population believe they are Catholic.

So, in a nutshell, we can conclude that the decimated Sunday Mass attendance is not due to some existential crisis of faith, but to other perhaps more telling issues, which are increasingly keeping the faithful away from their Church. (I would say it is a crisis of faith that began in the 1960's when staunchly faithful Catholics of the pre-Vatican II era where alienated by the changes of the 1960's and then those who liked the changes, which they though couldn't happen, wanted even more changes, such as the relaxation of sexual morality to include contraception. So Vatican II hit both groups, traditionalists and those who were progressive alienating a goodly number of both and then the generations to follow them were not give a solid Catholic upbringing.)

Why are people, and more to the point young people, turning away, especially since religious indoctrination in Malta starts at a very young age? Religion classes in schools and ‘il-Muzew’ seem to be having no impact on our younger generations. Why is this? The answer perhaps lies in the advent of better education for all. Not so long ago, the threat of fire and brimstone kept us all in check and those who dared challenge the Church were treated as pariahs and worse. (And yes, this is the problem, the loss of Catholic identity and the fear of God as well as the fear of hell!)

But today’s youngsters have no such qualms; they are inquisitive and would not accept the dogma previous generations have been force-fed, just because the priest ‘said so’. And what is the Church doing about this? Nothing, except wring its hands about its current state of affairs. Instead of providing moral leadership and guidance to the younger generation, it chooses to pontificate from its pulpits in much the same way it has done for centuries, leaving a trail of lethargy in its wake.(I'd like to know which parishes anywhere in the world after Vatican II pontificated so much so that it alienated all the people who are no longer coming to Church. To me it is the liberal marshmallows give them that has led to apathy and the loss of Catholic identity not to mention the scandals in the Church that were mismanaged by the pope on down).

And yet, in certain instances it chooses to keep up with the times. Its various media outlets, as well as its presence on social media is on a par with that of most modern organisations, but instead of cultivating innovative ways to appeal to the masses, it chooses instead to be divisive on matters which have nothing to do with Christ’s teachings and which do the very same Church no favours at all. It simply prefers to give voice to those with an axe to grind who happen to share its biased political agenda. Try to reconcile the at times deplorable commentary emanating from these outlets to the teachings of Jesus Christ and it’s quite easy to understand why people no longer look to the Church for moral guidance. (I am not sure what this paragraph is referring to as it must be Maltese?)

All this without even touching on sex abuse scandals which have been dogging the Church for the past few years. It is not only its failure to prevent such tragedies that irks, but more so, its disgraceful way of dealing with the perpetrators and the culture of ‘omerta’ which surrounds these cases. The Church stands for moral rectitude and when it fails in its duty, it undermines people’s faith in its soundness and integrity. Perhaps because it has gotten away with pushing its own agenda for centuries on end, it still believes that the faithful can be duped into blindly doing its bidding. Well, if the current numbers are anything to go by, this is no longer the case. (This is more than likely true.)

Focusing on problems plaguing our society in a modern-day scenario, also seem to be beyond the Church’s capability. Parish priests in their majority are simply there to perpetuate the sense of pomp and circumstance surrounding the Church, more interested in its traditional pageantry when the occasion calls for it, than actually invoking all-year-round true community spirit within the parish.

Surrounded by the usual ‘cliques’, these parish priests’ priority is the embellishment of the church building itself and rarely the spiritual wellbeing of their flock. This is a harsh sum-up, but I wonder how many parish priests make a true effort to know their parishioners, regardless of how far-flung from the village centre they might live, except when ‘it-tberik’ comes along. Of course, funds must then be raised for some new, dazzling embellishment within the church. (Interesting? Is this a slam of the "reform of the reform"? Or does the author prefer all the money progressives spent on churches not in need of restoration or renovations but stripped of anything Catholic from its historical patrimony? She is right that priests should know their parishioners and be focused on ministry rather than fluff. However, Sunday is the day that we see the vast majority of our people, most don't want a personal relationship with their priest apart from the Sacraments. So if we don't do Sunday well or the other sacraments, what is left for these people, a hip priest?")

There are so many issues, so many factors which are contributing to the terrible malaise conflicting the Church. However, through the Church’s own findings, we can only deduce that it’s not us, the people, who are the problem here… And there are so many solutions which with goodwill and a better approach could reverse this sorry decline and stop the alienation of a faithful flock which for all intents and purposes still believes. But never mind all this sorry devastation, at least the Church is busy counting cranes…

My final comments:


 The last 50 years has seen popes and bishops and priests as well a clique of laity worshiping Vatican II and not Jesus Christ, more focused on the new and improved when in fact the old tried and true was just fine. Authoritarianism and paternalism needed to be reformed, no doubt and the laity called to a mature Catholicism where one's own maturity enables the person to embrace the faith. But the Faith has to be taught and correctly not some watered down version or a version that is no different than a secular model of living in the world.  We've returned to the chaos of the 1960's and again faithful evangelical Catholics are being alienated and those who are progressive will have their wings snipped in the future by a new pope. And more generations of Catholics will be malformed or uninformed about their faith and fail to see the need to attend Mass. Being a NONE will suit them fine.


TJM said...

Another Vatican Disaster II Triumph!!!

Ordinarily I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I am starting to wonder if the Communists did infiltrate the Catholic Clergy beginning in the 1930s?

ByzRus said...

The slew of recent canonizations adds to the worship of this era and the Council that unfortunately took place during it.

TJM said...


Maybe we should get up a petition to revoke this bogus canonizations!!! Power to the People!!

Православный физик said...

TJM, they most certainly did, and the fruits of their infiltration are with us today.

ByzRC, I agree, there was such a rush to canonise, that one could argue well that the church of Rome as a whole did not look at things objectively.

Unfortunately, it seems in the vast majority of places, the Liturgy has become the exaltation of man, vs. the exaltation of God. In which case, if we're going to exalt man, why bother with church...we do a much better job outside of church context of exalting ourselves...Combine that with all of the scandals, and the various other things and we get what we have today.