Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Of course I hate mixing politics and religion on my pristine blog, but when I saw Nancy and Chuck last night responding to Trump, I thought to myself, “self, you can’t make this stuff up!” My undertaker friend in Augusta would not be pleased with that embalming job!

Press Here are some Twitter takes on Chuck and Nancy, hilarious!


R. U. Serious said...

... “self, you can’t make this stuff up!”...

On the other hand, the President makes "this stuff" up daily. He's an habitual liar; one author has said "He lies for sport."

As of 2 November 2018, he had lied or made misleading statements 6,420 times.

The man, sadly for him and for us, suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and exhibits the Dunning-Kruger effect.

In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority comes from the inability of low-ability people to recognize their lack of ability. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, low-ability people cannot objectively evaluate their competence or incompetence.

As described by social psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger, the cognitive bias of illusory superiority results from an internal illusion in people of low ability and from an external misperception in people of high ability; that is, "the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others."

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ms. Pelosi has a 100 percent pro-abortion voting record, yet claims to be a practicing Catholic...go figure! And more likely, it is potential Democrats than Republicans who are being aborted in this country (in Georgia for instance, the black abortion rate is far higher---I think four times that---of the white abortion rate---which could have been a factor in Stacey Abrams' narrow loss to Brian Kemp in Georgia---Kemp winning by less than a point and a half.)

And she says the wall is an "immorality"? Really? Does she have any around the properties she owns? Not like she is living in the poor house! There can be differing views on the level of border security, but to say any wall along the border is an immorality? Get real!!!!

Chuck Schumer of course is Mr. Abortion too, but regretfully, that is the prevailing attitude in the state of New York these days, and for decades---that state has the longest Democratic voting record (for president) of any large state (the Berlin Wall was standing the last time New York went Republican for president---the 1984 Reagan Landslide).

Probably been mentioned before, but anyone notice how often the most Democratic states (in presidential elections) are ones with large Catholic populations?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Our media driven society (which by the way has produced Donald Trump and promoted him while he served them financially (NBC), is narcissistic and has produced a narcissistic society by its promotion of abortion on demand, same sex marriage, and a liberalism that has generally failed everywhere else it has been tried. And they intend to marginalize the Church in the public square.

This has led to the "narcissification" of our institutions both political and religious and those who seek office in these institutions to include the Catholic Church.

The only thing that is different from the narcissism of Nancy and Church and Donald is that the first two are more refined in their narcissism, but narcissistic they are to the point that people vote for them because of their pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage stances all of which are built upon fierce individualism and the loss of the common good.

Donald's narcissism is blue collar and is seen by the snooty narcissistic establishment epitomized the the Democrat, party of Death as beneath their own narcissism. Go figure. You can't make this stuff up!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Nancy, and Chuck (not church)

TJM said...

The Abortion Party's message is quite clear: we care more about illegal aliens (for their votes) and government workers (predominately because they are the Dem's storm troopers) than ordinary, tax-paying American citizens. With a corrupt media at their back, they may get away with it since many have lost the ability to reason, including fake catholics and fake catholic priests and bishops.

Anonymous said...

All this support for the thrice-married Trump from "Catholics". . . Sad.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

A @ 10:16, this is true, but keep in mind that Trump isn't Catholic and thus our ecumenical post-Vatican II sensibilities would cut him some slack on his ignorance about the permanency of marriage. A Catholic good in good conscience vote for non Catholics in second, third, fourth and a gazillion other marriages.

However, when Catholics vote for a Catholic like Nancy Pelosi, a greater moral evil is taking place as Nancy should and does know better but her political narcissism has thrown unborn babies under the bus for the most gruesome kind of death.

As it concerns Trump's immorality and Catholic Nancy's grotesque immorality which enables the slaughter of innocents and those Catholics who vote for her, you are really mixing apples and oranges.

As bad as the clergy sex abuse scandal is, Nancy's enablement of abortion is worse!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that Trump is not Catholic does not earn him a pass on his contempt for marriage and women. I suspect in each of his "marriage" ceremonies he has said, "Till Death Do Us Part."

He knows exactly what he is saying and he knows exactly that he has no intention of living according to his words.

Trump cares not a whit for unborn babies. His every act is calculated to gain votes - nothing more, nothing less. "Oh, but he has changed his mind on abortion!" Yeah, and he changed his mind on Till Death Do Us Part, too.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Tisk! Tisk! And Nancy isn't pro-abortion by prostituting herself to her constituents in San Francisco as well as her LGBTQ stand? O Please! Every politician is the same, but Democrats simply call the less sophisticated narcissists like Donald Trump and his voters "undesirables!"

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

And I guess you'll have to stop shopping at Amazon as Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO worth $137 billion (with a b) is to divorce his wife of 25 years? Who gets the dog, though?

Anonymous said...

The Atlantic today opines:

"After the January 8 Oval Office address, there remains little doubt how this shutdown will end. Sooner or later—probably sooner—it will end the way Trump’s threats of nuclear war upon North Korea ended: with a sudden Trump about-face. It is now only a matter of time. The polls will arrive over the next hours. Democrats and Republicans will both see that Trump did not move public opinion in his favor. They may see that Trump could not even motivate very many Americans to watch him. The panic slowly building among congressional Republicans will boil. Trump, trapped without a decent exit in a predicament of his own making, will yield everything and get nothing.

Trump will cope by locking himself into the Fox News closed-feedback system of flattering disinformation, emerging only to emit enraged tweets pretending he won big and denouncing the media for reporting otherwise. He may even convince himself to believe it. His political allies will repeat it without believing it.

But he will have lost. Lost humiliatingly. And he will have done it almost entirely to himself, before the amazed eyes of the opponents who, dumbfounded, watched him do it to himself, without a plan or even much of a reason, other than the empty and fleeting joy of feeling briefly powerful by inflicting pain."

rcg said...

The question is why can a country with 320,000,000 inhabitants can’t come up with better candidates for any position. To some degree I suspect qualified people refuse the opportunity and we squander our opportunity to compete worthy opponents in the primary elections. Supposedly, the sovereign in our nation are the people, but they have taken very little interest in the job. The power now lies with the bureaucracy who rule even our elected officials.

TJM said...

The Atlantic!!! LOL - a left-wing viewspaper which is generally wrong but it does appeal to fake catholic priests who vote for the Abortion Party.

If Archbishop Cordileone had any guts, he would excommunicate that apostate. Catholic bishops bear more responsibility than any one group for the Dems morphing into the Abortion Party. If they had taken a strong stand in 1974, the Dems would have caved.

ByzRus said...

Your undertaker friend would not be pleased that they forgot to close the eyes.