Wednesday, January 30, 2019


If our country ever regains its sanity, shouldn't people like Gov. Cuomo and this woman be sent to prison for enabling the murder of babies? Years after the Holocaust, those Germans who worked in concentration camps and escaped detection were arrested and put on trial. What they did during the Holocaust was legalized by Hitler but they are still being held accountable in war crime tribunals to this day.


TJM said...

Thank God the Republicans in Virginia defeated Kavanaugh's Party!!!!

ByzRus said...

To me, this is disgusting, barbaric and reprehensible. As a civilized society, to deny any rights to an about-to-be-born child/soul is astonishing. It would seem that we are better than that and our actions should follow suit. To believers, our Lord is present under the appearance of bread so long as that species is identifiable as bread. At 40 weeks, the to-be-born is clearly identifiable as a life and despite being supported by its mother, could likely sustain itself if it had to and should therefore be treated as such. While this is my opinion and likely to be soundly criticized by "Anonymous", I cannot imagine being part of a discussion at 40 weeks where the to-be-born child is part of a parent and doctor/executioner's decision tree. "Do no harm"???

Where does it stop? Is legislation regarding euthanization next? Will government decide someday when the elderly are of no further use to society and should, for the sake of resources, be put to sleep bookending the beginning and the end of life via legislation? God help us I hope I do not live long enough to witness or, be subjected to such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but the Republican majorities in the Virginia Legislature are hanging by a thread and are likely to disappear this November, in large part because of Trump's unpopularity in Northern Virginia and the Richmond and Tidewater areas. Like in Georgia, there was a time when there were conservative Democrats in Virginia, but that day has long past. In days of old, voters knew the difference between a "Georgia" Democrat (like Sam Nunn or Joe Frank Harris) and a "national" Democrat, like a Walter Mondale or Michael Dukakis. Today they are unfortunately one and the same....

TJM said...

What is happening in Virginia is that as the federal "goobermint" has expanded, particularly during the Bush and Obama years, it is being filled with Dem voters who "work" for the government. I was hoping the shutdown would be used by President Trump to begin the process of downsizing the federal government. If that had occurred Virginia would revert to its former sane status.

Hey Kavanaugh and Anonymous 2, where is your ringing defense of your Party's abortion play in New York and Virginia?

Anonymous said...

TJM, it is more than that...the federal government expanded also during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and probably at faster rate than today, and the state often still voted Republican in those days---even Northern Virginia. But now change is coming even to the traditionally GOP Richmond area, and to Tidewater. Trump is not interested in downsizing the federal government---he has added lots of debt since he became president, and is not promising a balanced budget even if he wins a second term. Virginia basically now is a part of the liberal Democratic Northeast, and I don't know if Georgia and North Carolina are that many years behind---look at how liberal the Atlanta area (not just the city) is these days, or Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina. I guess a lot of liberals moving to those states.

TJM said...


The federal workforce is far larger today than it was in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Think of the Departments that were created since those days, for example, the Department of Education (Indoctrination) in 1979, truly one of the most worthless Departments with around 3900 worthless employees and a budget of 68 billion.

The problem is that people are not very bright. They abandon high tax, highly regulated states and take their stupid voting patterns with them. They somehow can't add 2 plus 2. That if you vote Dem in your new State, and help turn that State blue, you will eventually be facing the high taxes and silly regulations you were trying to escape. Red States need to develop "welcome wagon programs" to educate the new residents why the Red State is so much better run than the Blue State they left.

FYI, Blue States like Kalifornia, New York and Illinois are bleeding taxpayers by the hundreds of thousands in each state.

Anonymous said...

The reality is...

"Reagan ended his 1988 farewell speech with the memorable line, “man is not free unless government is limited.” The line is still a rallying cry for the right wing, but the speech came at the end of a long period of government expansion. Under Reagan, the federal workforce increased by about 324,000 to almost 5.3 million people. (The new hires weren’t just soldiers to fight the communists, either: uniformed military personnel only accounted for 26 percent of the increase.) In 2012, the federal government employed almost a million fewer people than it did in the last year of Reagan’s presidency."

"Under Reagan, the national debt almost tripled, from $907 billion in 1980 to $2.6 trillion in 1988."

"Federal Spending Grew More Under Bush and Reagan than Under Obama"

But, then, reality is usually ignored by TJM.

ByzRus said...

Under both Regan and Bush, there was less automation than under Obama. Without automation, it is plausible that the number of federal employees would have increased in proportion with the increase in population. Now, and with the efficiency of technology, some manual tasks are automated and, therefore, those formerly in those positions have been made redundant.

TJM said...

Anonymous Kavanaugh,

I see you still can't deal with your Party's New York and Virginia abortion debacle.

Under Obama the national debt DOUBLED, adding $8.588 trillion during his 8 years, meaning he added more to the national than all of his 43 predecessors combined going back to 1790.

But then, reality is usually ignored by Anonymous Kavanaugh

The Egyptian said...

what happened to Bishops like this

What would Dagger John do?

In 1844, faced with a Nativist threat to burn down St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral (at Prince and Mott streets), John J. Hughes, the Irish-born bishop (and later first archbishop) of New York, gathered several thousand of his mostly Irish parishioners and deployed them around the church. Any attack on the cathedral, warned the man known as “Dagger John,” would be repulsed with force. The Nativists backed down.

During the Civil War, Hughes undertook a secret mission to Europe at the personal request of Abraham Lincoln, to rally support for the Union cause and keep Britain from entering the war on the side of the Confederacy. This he did in part by explaining the facts of life to the English: that they’d have no luck in raising troops in restive, famine-stricken Ireland to fight against America, and a great deal of trouble if they tried.

Those were the days of the two-fisted Irish clergy, who understood their dual American roles as both the spiritual leaders of their people and—when necessary—political figures as well. But those days are long gone (Cardinal O’Connor was the last of the line).

In other words, Archbishop Dolan and his confreres ought to ask themselves, What Would Dagger John Do? No need for mobs this time, just morals. But if they’re not going to vigorously defend their own faith, in a Church Militant sort of way, who will?

Православный физик said...

At this point, we might as well hire lawyers for every unborn child in the world, and prepare their defence for the crime of merely existing.

Anonymous 2 said...

I am just reading this thread tonight. Because TJM’s slurs against Father Kavanaugh and me have become outrageously ridiculous and border on calumny, I no longer reply to such slurs directly. But so that reasonable and temperate readers will not be misled by TJM’s outrages, I offer the following:

Regarding any implication that all Democrats are “pro-abortion” and support late term abortions (or indeed any abortions at all):

By the way, I am not a registered Democrat or Republican but a nonpartisan who has voted both Republican and Democrat in previous elections. However, I am committed to truth telling and cannot abide lying and willful deception (which is why I am so appalled by our current president and his enablers). Therefore I cannot allow TJM (and others who should know better) to propagate expressly or by implication the slanderous falsehood that all Democrats are “pro-abortion.”

Regarding the doubling of the deficit under Obama, readers may want to consider the following analysis:

Of course, doubtless the TJMs of this world will dismiss all this as “fake news” because it does not fit the Cult narrative, in the same way that the Cult Leader dismisses what we can all see and hear on the video testimony of his intelligence chiefs to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence as “fake news” in one of his most blatant acts of gaslighting yet. Moreover, we can all read the statement for the record ourselves if we are so inclined:

“How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?”

TJM said...

Anonymous 2,

They're not slurs, they are accurate statements. Any "catholic" who votes for the Abortion Party has ceased to be Catholic. There are no Democratic politicians against Abortion because if they truly were, the fastest and most effective way to get the Abortion Party to back down would be to threaten to quit the party and caucus with the Republicans.

Speaking of "cults" I remember when Obama was running for president, he was featured in Temple Like settings, and adults actually believed he could cause the seas to recede. There was even a grade school in New Jersey where the children were taught to sing a song in honor of "Dear Leader." I have found over the years that those accusing the other side of misdeeds, etc., are projecting and attempting to mask exactly what they are doing.

Last point. Fake News CNN was so upset over Governor Blackface in Virginia that on their screen they noted his party affiliation as Republican not Democrat. They are so ideologically blind I guess they can't conceive that one of their own could be a racist, conveniently forgetting Senator Robert Byrd.

Anonymous 2 said...

Thankfully, in expressing his arrogance towards me (or giving him the benefit of the doubt, in his misplaced zeal) Trump supporter and apologist TJM is not the pope, nor even a bishop, nor even a priest. As such, he possesses at best the privilege of fraternal correction (and given his fanaticism, even that’s a real stretch). No, in forming my conscience I look not to TJM but to the USCCB Bishops and those who have reflected carefully on the issue (as, by the way, have I; please see my many previous posts on this Blog addressing the issue over the years). Thus, for example:

TJM’s other comments, about “Dear Leader” Obama and CNN’s mislabeling of the Virginia Governor, are so clearly unbalanced that they do not merit a response. I encourage readers to research the two items as I have done this evening. When you do so, you will see just how unbalanced, out of context, and indeed viciously deceptive, TJM’s portrayal of these incidents is. His use of the concept of projection is ironic to say the least. As I say on a later thread, some people reading his posts might be forgiven for wondering whether he takes his marching orders from Moscow rather than Rome.