Thursday, January 31, 2019


The two pictures above are from St. Petersburg, Russia where the Traditional Latin Mass is now being celebrated. Don't you just love the statue of Our Lady representing answers to the prayers of the Universal Church for the conversion of Russia, especially the Low Mass Leonine Prayers!

I hope Russian Catholics are praying the Leonine Prayers for the conversion of the USA!

But as I look at the EF Mass in Russia, I thought to myself, I could be the celebrant for that Mass too. I could go anywhere in the world and an all Russian or all Chinese or all whatever language you like congregation could have me celebrate the Mass and it wouldn't matter that I don't know a word of their language. But they and I would know the Church's language!  I would just need a translator for the stunning and brief homily! That's it!


ByzRus said...

Yes, Father. It is just that simple.

Anonymous said...

The conversion of Russia to...what? Communism has been gone there for nearly a generation.

TJM said...

This is what St. John XXIII meant when he said in Veterum Sapientia that "Latin is the language which joins the Church of today." He did not say, yesterday, but dogmatic liberals could care less. I frequently go to a Spanish/English language parish to attend the EF. We are all there worshiping together rather than in our own, little language groups. At that Mass I can see visions of a great universal Church, the way it was when I was born.

ByzRus said...

"The conversion of Russia to...what? Communism has been gone there for nearly a generation."

I don't think we should take the "Job done. Well, that's a wrap. See ya Monday" view. Let us pray for their continued conversion and that they don't start to become what we have become here in the West.

Anonymous said...

Their continued conversion to what...Latin liturgies? LOL. The Russian Orthodox Church, as do the other Orthodox jurisdictions, already believe they possess the fullness of the faith. Instead, they are probably praying for the conversion of the Roman Church---and thus the stalemate from 1054 continues with no end in sight.

I'd rather pray for conversion of evil places like North Korea, China, Venezuela, or folks like Cuomo, Biden and Pelosi.

John Nolan said...

Yes, the Roman Rite did not impose a rigorous uniformity, but the Latin language made it Catholic, i.e. universal.

The modern rite admits of so many options and is performed in such a babel of tongues that it is only universal in a technical sense. I know of Catholics from continental Europe who have attended an Anglican communion service and thought it was a Catholic Mass.

This is less likely these days since they might well to be confronted by a priestess (chasuble, large earrings and bags of lipstick). You have to laugh.

Православный физик said...

Russia has the Orthodox Faith, churches are being built, the Gospel is being preached, churches are filling after the disaster that was Communism/Bolshevik revolution. The Divine Liturgy is heaven on Earth, I can't imagine the Russians giving that up for the so-called celebration of Liturgy in the modern Roman Rite.

The attempts to make western Christians out of traditionally Eastern Christian nations is absolutely wrong!

Although it is true for the Latin Christians that are there, one would be able to celebrate for them.

With everything going on in the Vatican, I argue now is the time to be praying for the conversion of the Vatican, and of course, ourselves in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Well Father, if you keep being such a vocal opponent of the entrenched 1970's liturgical culture and keep advocating for the TLM, your bishop might just ship you to St. Petersburg!