Monday, May 26, 2014


After listening to this for the second time, the first in person, I felt like that perhaps I needed to take out my violin and play it for poor, Father Dawid and how hard he had it in his first month of priesthood. I suspect like any Polish mommy's boy (I can say this as an Italian with an Italian mother) that he wanted his mommy to hold his hand and make it easy for him.

But no, the Holy Spirit knew (as did I by-the-way) that this boy priest needed to become a man-priest and didn't need his mommy or daddy holding his hand and that his priesthood isn't about him and his needs but ministering to people in life and death and showing forth the resurrection.

Being a priest isn't kumbuya singing while holding hands and comfort and glory for those God has chosen for his ordained priesthood. I hope Father Dawid's generation of seminarians and priests understand this and give thanks to God for pastors who don't hold adult men priests hand and pat them on the head. We don't need boy-priests, we need men priests.

So this is my song to Father Dawid whose crossfit training needs to be applied to his priesthood and to help him to know that in his first three weeks with me in the parish while I was absent, he graduated from being a boy priest with silly expectations about the priesthood into a man priest who understood what it was about (skip the ad if it appears):


Templar said...

For some Priests a 5 minute Homily can be too much (not you of course Father), but from Father Kwiatkowski, 20 minutes is never enough.

Gene said...

We have had an incredibly fine group of Vicars in the eight years I have been at St. Jo's, but Fr. David is right at the top of the list. His passion, intensity, and serious pastoral care have been a powerful force at St. Jo's. Whenever I would go to Confession to find him in the Confessional, I would think, "Oh, Hell…" LOL!

Anonymous said...

Every Vicar we have had since 2004 has been a breath of fresh air. They don't tell you that you are going to Hell weekly. They teach a lesson during the homily. Out of Mass they are kind, don't treat people according to their bank accounts and are pious and arrogant. Fr Dawid was the best of the best. I hope he comes back as Pastor someday and returns this Church to its former welcoming place. Until then, Mass is an obligation many of us dread. And they wonder why the collection is down. We inherited a large amount of money this year and will not give one dime to St. Joseph. We made donations to local charities instead. As soon as my mother passes we are gone.
Fr. Dawid was/is a real Priest.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Do you really think that Fr. Dawid desired the cult of youth and of the personality and is honored by that coupled by financial blackmail. Maybe Pope Francis understans that a poor err Church is one that does not depend on ill-gotten gains or money given to manipulate.