Tuesday, January 31, 2023


 Taking refuge in a beautiful type of aesthetic, is that a heresy that deserves punishment, marginalization , ridicule and the like? Cardinal Roche thinks so!

I read this in a tweet from Matthew Hazel:

A couple of... interesting extracts from the 2022 James Crichton Memorial Lecture, given by Cardinal Roche, Prefect of the Dicastery for Divine Worship...! (source: "Music and Liturgy: The Journal of the Society of St Gregory", 49.1 [2023], pp. 12-20: pics from p. 19):

As a keyboard Warrior (l like that name, btw) and my blog read around the world to include China, the Philippines, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, not to mention the USA, and unknown places, I am sure bishops from many parts of the world reporting about us warriors have done so in the most positive way possible. 

The distorted agendas of the Vatican is negating and denigrating what was once considered holy and sacred as no longer so—a bizarre sort of commentary from those promoting it, which opens the door to them being canceled too. 

And what about those who find “solace and refuge in a certain aesthetic” like horrible puritanical looking vestments, liturgical dance of the silliest kind, puppets at Mass, not to mention the comedian priest who ad libs his liturgical parts and sees himself more as a talk show MC, or a dramatic actor on a stage and not a sacred priest who is asked to pray a prescribed liturgy! 

Many have found their home in a great community of faith where the TLM is celebrated exclusively and want to be united to the Pope and bishops in union with him, are instead marginalized, denigrated, called names and told that ugly aesthetics is preferred to beautiful, lavish ones. 

Pious platitude about the Modern Missal where priest have always ignored warnings about it’s illicit manner of celebration, is ignored or even encouraged.

No wonder no one listens to the Vatican and its liturgical Dicastery today. Get real!


TJM said...

It really does not matter what the Roche says, my young pastor who celebrates the TLM is going to be around decades after these apostates are but a bad memory

rcg said...

Did Vatican II decree changes to the Liturgy?

TJM said...

Sacrosanctum Concilium laid the groundwork for the “reform.” It was not adhere to by the Paul VI’s “committee.”

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."As a keyboard Warrior (l like that name, btw)..."

An article last year in National Catholic Register echoed Cardinal Roche's concerns in regard to TLM "keyboard warriors."

From the National Catholic Register's article:

"Alex Begin, executive producer of EWTN’s Extraordinary Faith, told the Register that the older form has grown in the Detroit metro area by having a collaborative relationship with diocesan chanceries and strengthening evangelization."

"We have to be a positive addition to their existence."

"Begin, however, explained that while every community has its “cranks,” the loud, toxic voices online claiming affiliation with the TLM community represent only themselves."

"They do not represent the Catholics who have dedicated time, talent and treasure to build living Catholic communities around the older Roman Rite and have the most to lose by not cultivating positive relationships needed to sustain them within their dioceses."

"The people who are ‘keyboard warriors’ aren’t the ones who get things done here," Begin said.

The online, TLM, "keyboard warriors," have inflicted serious damage upon the TLM movement.

Unfortunately, the ruinous TLM "keyboard warriors" have their share of supporters within TLM communities.

"Keyboard warriors" have been invited as speakers to FSSP parishes, as well as additional TLM communities, and conferences.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

These doubleknit dinosaurs are emotionally invested in a liturgical "reform" which has been an abject failure. Their hubris and arrogance is breathtaking.

Maybe we would take them more seriously if they did something about the Saint Sabina's of the world and suppressed the myriad of options in the Novus Ordo Missae which promotes disunity, not unity.

rcg said...

TJM, thanks for answering. My point is that I don't think Vatican II mandated changes to Liturgy, but opened a door to review. I still do not see any declaration that the Old Form was deficient in any way, so by what reason is it suppressed? What makes it less acceptable than any of the Babel of liturgical practices that have spread like seeds on stoney paths, only to sprout quickly and die?

TJM said...


Vatican II did not mandate any particular changes to the liturgy but provided a general framework for how to proceed, which was not followed. The fact this document exists evidences that the hierarchy believed there were some deficienies with the Old Form. I was around then and never understood the need for "reform" when we were packing them in each Sunday, stark contrast to our situation now. After all, I had my Missal and Kyriale and was being properly trained to activitely participate. That is why it is frustrating when lefties invoke Vatican II to justify what THEY wanted to do.

monkmcg said...

The Cardinal is, sadly, just another ecclesial politician. He says whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear and believes whatever will advance his career.

TJM said...


Indeed. You can find statements of the Roche praising the TLM and Summorum Pontificum, but that was under prior management. And these clowns wonder why people either ignore them or just simply walk away.