Saturday, January 28, 2023



The month of January has turned upside down political rhetoric and news media memes about white racism at the root of violence against minorities be in it law enforcement or acts of violence against Asians and African Americans.

The heinous killing (murder) of Tyre Nichols by five African American cops and the back to back killings of innocent Asians in California by two senior citizens who are/were Asian turn the white racism stereotypes upside down. 

Unrelated to these types of murders, is the break-in that occurred at Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s house where we see the intruder with an instrument in hand about to abort (murder) the husband of the former Speaker of the House. I use the word “abort” intentionally, because this murderer/abortionist felt he had a right and a duty to kill this man in the womb of his own home where he had been sleeping!

The duplicity of the media and politicians, especially in the Democrat Party, to include the Catholics there, the current president and the former Speaker, are the problem not the solution to the culture of death and violence they promote by their virulent support for the right of parent, be it the man or the woman and those in the abortion industry to perpetrate the same kind of violence against an unborn child that was perpetrated against Tyre Nichols, Mr. Pelosi and those killed by two Asians in California.

They need to repent, wake up and become pro-life. 


TJM said...

If I were bishop, I would suspend any cleric who voted for the Party of Moloch. They are enablers of pure evil. The Party of Moloch has nothing to offer decent peoiple

TJM said...

Here's a good summary of what the Party of Moloch supports, written by an African-American journalist:

Mark said...

Abortion . . . police brutality under the color of organized state violence . . . the militarization of the police . . . the ready use of military force . . . gang violence in the inner cities . . . political violence on January 6 and in other protests . . . verbal violence in our politics . . . the ludicrous number of gun deaths. . . the national obsession with guns . . . conditions in our prisons and immigrant detention centers. . . violent images on social media. . . sexual violence and abuse . . .violent assaults on nature and its creatures (factory farming anyone?) . . . even football!

Let us look in the mirror and connect the dots.

Mark said...

Add the death penalty to the list, which could of course also include many more illustrative items.

Mark said...

Just read that there have been 39 mass shootings in three weeks. Way to go America!

So, to Father McDonald’s point, how about we all wake up and repent – not just Democrats!

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes indeed, but the influencers of our culture in political parties, social media and the entertainment and news media, the last two almost synonymous with each other, have more to examine than most. Abortion promoted as a human right, which is the grizzly killing of a child in the comfort of the womb and without a means to fight the murderer’s violence with the weapons he has to secure the abortion and murder, is foundational.

The obsessive news coverage of these grizzly mass killings as though it is a reality show and presented as such, encourage copy cat killers who desire the same “fame” as others so widely covered.

Lack of charity in discourse too adds to the fuel. Road rage is at an all time high and I was a victim of it two days ago in Hilton Head, but did not taunt the aggressor.

Television shows and movies, espeically those that are on streaming services and from all over the world, dubbed into local vernaculars often show that evil does triumph and evil gets away with what is done. I recently started watching some fascinating and addicting series on Netflix, from Spain, England and Germany, not to mention here, and the outcomes are often in favor of bankrupt moral choices that go unpunished. At least with the Hayes Code (and the censorship in England in another era) movies always had to show that the culprit is stopped in one way or another, because these censors knew the influence of what we watch and hear in movies and now in the social media.

Mark said...

There are doubtless many causal factors contributing to the general cultural climate of violence. Perhaps there are some common factors contributing to all of it, as well as some factors contributing only to specific types of violence. It is necessarily complicated, but unless and until we are willing to look in the mirror (and perhaps also learn from other cultures that have far lower levels of violence in general and/or of specific types of violence, even though they may recognize a legal right to abortion) and, as you say, repent, instead of “scapegoating” one group or another depending on our own prejudices, then what progress and improvement can we expect?

TJM said...


Read the article. January 6th was a walk in the park compared to the wanton destruction by Antifa and BLM, the Democrats stormtroopers. Innocent people were killed by government goons on January 6

TJM said...


Read the article. January 6th was a walk in the park compared to the wanton destruction by Antifa and BLM, the Democrats stormtroopers. Innocent people were killed by government goons on January 6

TJM said...


Violence against the innocent unborn is the stock and trade of the Party of Moloch - I don’t even begin to understand how you turn a blind and approving eye to this evil. There is nothing remotely close to this on the other side of the aisle, nothing. So when you vote for the Party of Moloch, you are a co-participant.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

When people become untethered from positive societal norms, "virtues" in Catholic parlance, evils creep into culture and society.

This weekend we heard about the virtuous living in the Beatitudes.
Blessed are the poor in spirit, the humble, not the prideful.
Blessed are the merciful, the generous, not the greedy.
Blessed are the mourners, the charitable, not the envious.
Blessed are the meek, the patient, not the wrathful.
Blessed are those to hunger for righteousness, the magnanimous Social Justice Warriors, not the slothful.
Blessed are the pure in heart, the chaste, not the lustful.
Blessed are the peacemakers and the persecuted who sacrifice for the good of others, not the gluttonous who seek only their own pleasure.

What underlies this untethering? We are told that the LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil. Saint Pope John Paul II often warned the world, primarily the Western capitalist world, that our consumerism, our disordered desire for the passing things of this world which is made possible by wealth, was leading to, and has led many to, materialism, the sense that this material world is all that matters.

We wake up by becoming more Amish. Seriously. The Amish community of the Nickle Mines area in Pennsylvania was able to forgive almost instantly the man who shot ten and killed five of their children. They went that day to the home of the shooter to comfort his widow after he took his own life. They established a college fund for the children of the man who had killed theirs. In that moment, theirs is one of the most powerful examples of the good that comes from being very wary of how the things of this world, even the good things of this world, can become impediments to living a devout, Christian life.

They are on to something, if you ask me.

Mark said...


I read the article. Clearly, you did not read my comment in response.

Mark said...

Father Kavanaugh,

I suspect you must be correct about the Amish. They seem to understand the importance of breaking the cycle of violence and sin.

Dave Thoman said...

Speaking of the Beatitudes, the commentary for Sunday Mass readings that I read this weekend relates the last one to the hyperbolic venom and hatred aimed at the pro-life movement.

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Those who live chastely and remind others of the dignity of the unborn are an unwelcomed reminder and impediment to the rest of society in its pursuit of unrestrained indulgence in the lust of the flesh. So anger, slander, and dismissiveness are expressed toward those who advocate for the unborn.
From: The Word of the Lord – Reflections on the Sunday Mass Readings for Year A, John Bergsma