Friday, January 6, 2023



At the Vatican today, January 6th, Pope Francis presided over the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, yes, you read that correctly, on the correct pre-Vatican II date. In the USA and some other places, today isn’t Epiphany, but something else, unless one celebrates the TLM, which I will do privately today as I am in retirement. 

But the commentary of Sean Michael Winters, that I post below, is a mixed bag of misinterpreting the vast majority of Catholics who love the TLM but also love the Modern Roman Missal, and misrepresenting Pope Benedict’s ethos of leadership and Magisterium concerning the proper interpretation of Vatican II, what must be accepted and what can be changed or corrected. 

Benedict's funeral should put to rest misinterpretations of his legacy

If some, a small minority of traditionalists, went off the deep end with a desire only for the TLM and overturning Vatican II, because of its erroneous interpretations that allow for all kinds of aberrations, not only to the Modern Missal, but the Faith itself, as we have heard in the synodal verbal diarrhea, who can blame them? If local bishops had been more involved with these neo-traditionalists and the priests leading them, maybe that could have been nipped in the bud early on, who knows?

The vast majority of Catholics have a live and let live attitude today. They see no problem with some parishes celebrating exclusively the TLM, others with a mixture of it, and still others who might have parishes like the silliness and narcissism of the priest at St. Sabina’s in Chicago and the alternative denomination he has created there. But Winters would have no negative take on that!

Pope Benedict desired a Church renewed in continuity and not despising its past prior to Vatican II.

What if Pope Benedict had been able to issue a new renewal in continuity Roman Missal prior to his abdication? What might it look like?
Well, although it has Pope Francis name in it, it would be the Ordinariate’s Divine Worship, the Missal. 

The Roman Rite’s Missal, though, would simply be the current Roman Missal with beefed up General Instruction and rubrics, slightly revised calendar, and the reorientation of the Introductory Rite, being replace by the PATFOTA, the mandating of all the Propers formatted as in the TLM’s Missal, the use of the Gradual, the Offertory and Communion Antiphons, the traditional Offertory Prayers and the tripple Domini Non Sum Dignus. 

Benedict XVI’s Requiem yesterday, with no other changes than the PATFOTA, Traditional Offertory, etc would be what Benedict foresaw as he allowed it for the Ordinariate!


ByzRus said...

"Pope Benedict desired a Church renewed in continuity and not despising its past prior to Vatican II."

Let us hope and pray for this end. To be sure, there are elements of the Church's past which are regrettable, that is not the consideration here. Suffice it to say, the modern Roman Church needs to find its peace and that peace won't come from rupture.

Jerome Merwick said...

"synodal verbal diarrhea"

Father, I remember when you first started this blog and, well, it still lives because you keep it entertaining just enough of the time!

I envy your English teachers.

TJM said...


Well said but the geriatrics in control will have none of it, but they will be gone in a few short years. My pastor, age 32, who celebrates the TLM does not look to Rome for liturgical guidance, just the liturgical books and what the documents themselves say.

I recall in the 1960s when many of the changes began and I voiced concern to one of the parish curates and he retorted why are you consumed with externals? I replied, it appears you are consumed with externals because you are always trying to change things. He shut up. A young boy had bested him.