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 I copy and paste this from RORATE CAELI:

Gerhard Ludwig Müller: "Pope Francis' clampdown on the Latin Mass was an imprudence"

The following article by Domenico Agasso appeared in La Stampa on January 7, 2023. (link)

VATICAN CITY. "Pope Francis' clampdown on the Latin Mass was an imprudence. I suggest to the Pontiff that he be more attentive to all sensibilities within the Church, even those furthest from his own." And he warns of a possible schism on the left in Germany, sounding a sharp "no" to the blessing of gay couples: "It is against the word of God."

German Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, 75, was a student of Benedict XVI and his successor at the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Bergoglio created him a cardinal in 2014, but then in 2017 did not renew his mandate as prefect.

The cardinal reflects on the future of the Church after celebrating Mass for the Epiphany. He argues that "we are not a political or merely human organization, but a creation of Jesus Christ" with the task of "working for the eternal salvation of humanity." He cites Francis, who "often denounces the worldliness of the Church," a theme he shares with his predecessor: Joseph Ratzinger "warned against self-secularization."

A scenario of new clashes between the various factions is opening up in the Catholic enclosure, particularly between the more conservative circles and the more progressive galaxy, with offensives from opponents to the pontificate. Müller bitterly confirms that "unfortunately there are these tensions." He urges "not to confuse the Faith with these power games, a consequence of self-esteem or the pursuit of glory." The Prefect Emeritus of the former Holy Office trusts that "the oppositions can end. Otherwise we do harm to people." On Monsignor Georg Gaenswein's outburst against the Pontiff, he limits himself to saying that he read it "in the newspapers. We should know the full context to make an assessment. Unfortunately, it is one of those controversies that do not do God's people any good."

He fears other aspects more, however. One is the "doctrinal confusion. We must go back to the path of the great ecumenical Councils. The Pope, every Pope, must be at the service of the unity of the Church and the revealed faith." The first mission of the Pontiff is "to preach the Gospel." And the doctrine of the Church "is not the program of a political party; politicians often change ideas according to the tastes of voters. The Doctrine of the Church is the expression of the Word of God, and we, men, cannot complete, correct, or modernize the Word of God." It can be explained "more clearly in the challenges of the contemporary world." But there is "no possibility of changing the revelation in Jesus Christ."

The Cardinal theologian criticised the Bishop of Rome for the tightening of the Latin Mass brought with the Motu Proprio Traditionis custodes: he believes that "the Pope has committed an imprudence, because he did not take into account some sensitivities within the Church, those of the faithful attached to the ancient liturgy." Besides, "we have more than 20 rites of the same Mass: I would have been more tolerant, so as not to provoke problems that in this time in my opinion are superfluous, given that we are not dealing with dogmatic issues, and that we already have many and more important issues. It was not prudent to insist intransigently on disciplining the so-called traditionalists." 

According to Müller, "it would have been enough to keep Pope Benedict's 2007 Motu Proprio, which was more prudent because it took in the whole ecclesial landscape." And then, he gives advice to Bergoglio: "That of being more attentive to every sensibility, even those furthest from his own, so as to try to keep everyone united. To listen to everyone, including those who do not think like him. Also because sometimes some of those who are called enemies of the Pope are actually not."

Müller is considered an adversary of the Pontiff; he knows this and wants to refute it. "It is not so. I am not an enemy of the Pope. Making suggestions does not mean being hostile. In the coming weeks with the publisher Cantagalli, I will publish a book on 'the Pope and his mission,' with the theology of the papacy. For me the Pope is the Pope, the highest authority. No one can say that I am an enemy of the Pope." 

Another specter hovering over the future of the sacred palace: schisms. "Where there is a risk of a split is in Germany, with the synod of the so-called progressives. They deny revealed doctrine. It is not just about pastoral or liturgical reforms, but about the substance of the Faith. Francis has already intervened several times to try to stem this movement." In the German assembly, there are those who want to accept the blessing of gay couples, but for Müller this "is not possible, because it is against the word of God. The Lord has blessed only marriage between a man and a woman, this is the revealed reality of human nature, and you cannot do what you want with it."


Donny Phister said...

One more comment and then I'll go away.

I remember reading the psychedlic scriptures in "Be Here Now" when I was younger and one of the phrases that has always stuck out in my mind was "Police create Hippies, Hippies create Police." He's speaking about duality and using parables of the time.

Trads create Progs, Progs create Trads. When I first found the TLM I admit that I joined in on the liturgy wars and marveled at the hubris and the destruction following V2. I disparaged the NO. Really though, that didn't last long. Within 6 months to a year I was just a Catholic who found joy and fulfillment every hour on Sunday at the Mass which spoke to me. Until Traditiones Custodis I honestly hadn't thought a thing about the liturgy wars. I understood the way things are and I was just happy being where I was.

If the progressives want to end the discord they should stop trying to suppress the "trads" and "creating hippies" as it were. As far as the "rad trads" and their endless incredulity and critique, we really don't like those guys either. To me, he who has the greater power has the greater responsibility. If the leaders of the Church cannot end the duality without an iron fist, then they are not fit to lead.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Müller has offered his opinion in question.

Conversely, there are plenty of folks who have classified Summorum Pontificum as an "imprudent" Motu Proprio.


I think that it's interesting that Peter Kwasniewski posted (to Rorate Caeli) Cardinal Müller's comments in question.

The reason is that Peter Kwasniewski had trashed Summorum Pontificum as an horrific, confused document that Pope Benedict had packed with "lies" to achieve the impossible (according to Kwasniewski)...the impossible being the peaceful coexistence of the TLM and Holy Mass of Pope Saint Paul VI.

On July 14, 2021 A.D., posted to Rorate Caeli, Peter Kwasniewski declared:

"Thus, we can see that Summorum Pontificum contains profound tensions within itself, inasmuch as it reflects and reinforces certain false principles of ecclesiology and liturgy that led to the very crisis to which it was a partial response."

"In fact, it would not be too much to say that there are fictions, even lies, in the document."

Is there any wonder as to why Summorum Pontificum failed to obtain liturgical peace?

Is there any wonder, then, as to why Pope Francis had been forced to respond to the terrible situation that has surrounded Summorum Pontificum (such as trads having weaponized said document against Vatican II, Holy Mass of Pope Saint Paul VI, as well as Popes)?


Mark Thomas

rcg said...

Mister Phister contrasts well with Mark Thomas’ by declaring that the exceptions do not make the rules for the adherents of the TLM. It is tiresome beyond description to read Mark Thomas’ strawman accusations and slanders against people who love the Latin Mass and drives a wedge further into the heart of the Church he claims to love; separating the Faithful from each other.

As for Cardinal Mueller: he may not be an adversary of the Pope, but he would do well to keep his eyes on the Pope’s hands at all times.

Jerome Merwick said...

Things are moving. Most concerning is the B.S. story in the Guardian allegedly "leaked by a conservative Cardinal" that the conservatives were about to band together to force Francis' resignation.

Yeah. Sure.

Just another false flag planted by Apostate Rome to pave the way for a purge of some sort. But first, we have to sprinkle those evil conservatives with the smell of cloak and dagger. What rot.

I'm getting very, very tired of all this pseudo drama. I suspect many other Catholics are too. Unfortunately, there are no restraints left now that Benedict has left us.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

It is absurd. For a pope to resign under pressure from lobby groups, would invalidate the resignation.

If Pope Francis thought he could not govern because of tell all books, no matter who the author, that show His Holiness in a bad light, I’m not sure if that registration would be valid or not.

Anonymous said...

RCG said..."it is tiresome beyond description to read Mark Thomas’ strawman accusations and slanders against people who love the Latin Mass and drives a wedge further into the heart of the Church he claims to love; separating the Faithful from each other."

Each comment that I posted here yesterday is a fact. Try to demonstrate otherwise. On second thought, forget that. You are unable to do so.

Also, please stop your nonsense that I desire to separate the Faithful from each other.

Each day here, there are comments that attack the Holy Mass of Pope Paul VI. Comments that call for the destruction of said Mass. Comments that attack those who love and respect the Vicar of Christ.

Contact the SSPX: Request that they cease their call that the laity must abandon the "evil" Holy Mass of Pope Paul VI.

Request the SSPX to cease their divisive claim that it's bad to assist at so-called "indult" Masses, such as those offered by Father McDonald.

Contact Peter Kwasniewski to request that he cease his attempts to drive a wedge between "Novus Ordo Catholics," and those who attend the "True Mass."

Request the same from Rorate Caeli, The Remnant, Taylor Marshall, OnePeterFive, etc.

I love the TLM. That is among the reasons I cringe at the nonsense that flows daily from more than a few "traditionalists." Not every "traditionalist." But far too many.

Said nonsense is unhelpful to the TLM Movement.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

There is an old saying, "if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." Your stream of non sequiturs convinces no one here.

TJM said...


Ironically, Mark Thomas, dodges and never responds to pointed questions which obliterate his delusions.

TJM said...


This is why I call Mark Thomas “Dump and Run” - he posts nonsense and will never respond when you point out his fallacies, like his clerical counterpart