Sunday, January 15, 2023



This weekend I am filling in at St. Francis Xavier Church in Brunswick, Georgia, a state that I no longer have residency. This parish has two missions, one on Jekyll Island and the other in Darien.

The Jekyll Island Mass is at 7 pm on Saturdays at a Methodist Church. It is a very nice place for Mass. The Methodists also allow the Episcopalians o use their church each Sunday. They have a very good ecumenical relationship with each other in terms of fellowship meals and social service outreach.

Here is St Francis Church:

And this is the Methodist Church before Mass for the Vigil. A bonus is tat their pews have kneelers, a rarity for Methodists:


Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

I have always liked the brick and wood interior of St. Francis Xavier. It has a warm feeling.

ByzRus said...

The arrangement in St. Francis Xavier is nice. For its era, it comes together nicely. I like it.

TJM said...

Unfortunately many “Catholic” churches resemble the Methodist Church depicted here.

St. Francis has a distinctly Catholic appearance. It is warm and has a comfortable feeling

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Actually, I like the “shell” of this Methodist Church. It could easily be converted into a very nice Catholic Church on the inside without too much effort. Put a Corpus on the “empty” cross. Although, you can’t tell it from the photos, the sanctuary is quite small and it was a tight fit for me to get behind the altar as it was so close to the wall and not much room in front of it. The sanctuary could be extended a bit. Niches for statues on either side of the altar could be created. There is an altar railing there already! Methodists normally to have a railing, but not kneelers on the pews. This church has both.

qwikness said...

Do the Catholics give the Methodists anything to use their church?

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Yes, but I don’t know how much.