Friday, January 6, 2023


 Priests from Rome or visiting Rome are often invited to help distribute Holy Communion at papal Masses. It is an honor and privilege always to be able to distribute Holy Communion at any Mass, of course.

The last time I did so was in 2016. Prior to Mass, one of the Papal MC’s, speaking in Italian told us not to distribute Holy Communion to anyone in the hand. Most priests who volunteer for this ministry, don’t speak Italian and if someone approaches to receive in the hand they offer the Host to them without slapping their hand away. 

I doubt very much that any priest was told not to give Holy Communion to kneeling communicants. This priest, as most progressively ideological priests are, is narrow minded and illiberal. He’s into clericalism.

The most egregious part of this is that when the communicant tried to stand and recieve on the tongue in a kind of bowed position, the priest seems to strike the man in the face with the back of his hand and while holding the Host. That truly is a sacrilege and the priest, unless he repents, should be laicized, or at least suspended until he apologizes. Could the Vatican be sued. No, I don’t think so, but here in America? YES!

If this is a new Vatican policy contradicting once again Pope Benedict’s gracious magnanimous allowance of Holy Communion kneeling and according to the communicant’s wishes, then the Vatican needs to come clean.

Here is the Pillar’s take on it: 

What to make of a Benedict funeral Communion 'scandal'

And this Vatican link, press “source” for full explanation:

“…while this Congregation gave the recognitio to the norm desired by the Bishops’ Conference of your country that people stand for Holy Communion, this was done on the condition that communicants who choose to kneel are not to be denied Holy Communion on these grounds. Indeed, the faithful should not be imposed upon nor accused of disobedience and of acting illicitly when they kneel to receive Holy Communion.”   (source)


TJM said...

Just a typical “liberal” priest

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

No, illiberal.

ByzRus said...

Idealogues, particularly illiberals, seem so incapable of compartmentalizing their belief system so as not to make spectacles of themselves during somber occasions such as funerals. So, +Benedict VI's funeral will be overshadowed, in part, by a communicant being turned away because the priest did not like his still be rejected when the posture was "corrected".
Perhaps this is why cameras should be directed towards a sacred image etc. during distribution of the sacrament instead of encroaching on believers and spotlighting poor behavior.

rcg said...

Don’t know this person, but the delegation of the Supreme Knight from Knights of Columbus were denied on the tongue or kneeling. I got a message almost immediately afterwards. FWIW, some EMHC tried that stunt with me a few years back. I wrist locked him and received from his immobile fingers.