Sunday, January 15, 2023


 I made the sauce a few weeks ago. It is basically a Livornese ragu, which is a modification of a Bolognese meat ragu (succo).

The only thing I did differently is to buy a beef pot roast, that normally might be a bit chewy. I prepared the ragu as I would if I were using ground beef. But instead of the ground beef, I used the “what would normally be” tough pot roast. I cooked it on low for about six hours.

The pot roast gives a delicious flavor to the ragu and comes out so very tender, you can shred it with a fork. That becomes the second course after the pasta, but I have become a damn American and put both on the same plate!

I mean to tell you it was delicious. I froze several containers of the ragu and after today I still have one more container to go.


rcg said...

This looks really tasty.

ByzRus said...

Agree with rcg, this looks really good.

I can just see Lidia Bastianich grating a snow shower of grana padano over the top insisting the dish wasn't complete without it.

Charles Nolin said...

Please post the recipe.