Saturday, January 21, 2023


This is from La Stampa Newspaper headline:

 Il cardinale Müller: “Sugli abusi gli amici del Papa hanno uno status privilegiato”

Cardinal Müller: "Friends of the Pope have a privileged status on abuses"

This is from la Reppublica Newspaper headline:

Müller attacca il Papa: “A Santa Marta comanda un cerchio magico”

Müller attacks the Pope: "A magic circle rules in Santa Marta"

These articles are not translated yet but are based upon a new book from Cardinal Mueller. I am sure we will hear more about this as it all gets translated into English.

Will rank and file clergy and laity find all of this piling on to Pope Francis as unfair, making His Holiness the underdog and creating empathy and sympathy for His Holiness and radical progressive agenda for the synodal Church or is is church? 


TJM said...

Piling on? Hardly - well deserved criticism

Anonymous said...

In regard to Cardinal Müller's mention of a supposed "magic circle" around Pope Francis:

That is old hat as He employed that phrase during a November 26, 2017 A.D. interview with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

Robert Moynihan noted the interview: Letter #64, 2017: "The magic circle"


During that same interview, Cardinal Müller had rejected calls that had urged him to oppose Pope Francis. The Cardinal believes that folks who have complaints in regard to the Pope should be heard.

However, he had added:

Cardinal Müller: "There is a front of traditionalist groups, just as there is with the progressivists, that would like to see me as head of a movement against the Pope."

"But I will never do this."


During an interview with Der Spiegel:

Der Spiegel: "Is Pope Francis a heretic, a denier of dogma, as some few princes of the Church insinuate?"

Cardinal Müller: "No. This Pope is orthodox, that is, doctrinally sound in the Catholic sense."


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Müller has his share of critics within the Church.

I am sure that just as he has dished out criticisms, that Cardinal Müller has accepted criticisms aimed at him.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is not the first Pope to have incurred criticism from those within the Church.

Pope Benedict XVI, even following his having fallen asleep within the Lord, has been subjected to fierce criticism by those who viewed him as an horrific, divisive Pontiff.

Pope Saint John Paul II was trashed viciously by the left and right. Said attacks have continued to this day.

Archbishop Lefebvre had denounced Popes Saint Paul VI, Saint John Paul II, as well as Cardinal Ratzinger, and one "NewChurch" Cardinal, and bishop, after another, as "apostates."

Cardinals Müller, and Pell, as examples, have, for years, been trashed viciously by their many critics.

That has applied to one Cardinal, and bishop, after another, "liberal," as well as "conservative."

Anyway, Holy Mother Church, despite the tremendous turmoil that She has sustained from Her dawn to date, will carry on, taught, governed, and sanctified by holy Pope Francis.

Those who wish to hear Jesus Christ's voice, will listen to Pope Francis.


Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas

ByzRus said...

Wow. If misdeeds are permissible for some resulting in sympathy which enables the progression of a radical agenda, do we have problems. That would be a bizarre cause/effect relationship to say the least.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

MT, I can one up you. Pope Francis is the first pope to be directly criticized by his immediate predecessor.

TJM said...

MT = empty suit

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."MT, I can one up you. Pope Francis is the first pope to be directly criticized by his immediate predecessor."

Pope Francis was praised publicly by his immediate predecessor. His immediate predecessor insisted that the two Pontificates in question were in continuity with each other. His immediate predecessor declared publicly his loyalty and obedience to Pope Francis. His immediate predecessor embraced Pope Francis' Magisterium.

Thank you, Father McDonald.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...


Please point out in scripture where Jesus dropped the “F” bomb.

Anonymous said...

Father McDonald said..."MT, I can one up you. Pope Francis is the first pope to be directly criticized by his immediate predecessor."

If his immediate predecessor is free to have criticized Pope Francis, then Pope Francis is free to criticize his immediate predecessor.

Via his interview posted today on Where Peter Is, Cardinal Porras noted something wonderful about Pope Francis:

Q: "How do you think all these criticisms, attacks and betrayals affect the Pope’s morale?"

Cardinal Porras: "The strong Jesuit spirituality of Pope Bergoglio is the best shield and martyrial witness that Francis gives us, without bitterness and with the joy and hope that gives the grace of state."

"Pope Francis, in a merciful spirit, does not close the doors to his critics, on the contrary, I know that he calls them or interviews them privately."

Throughout his Pontificate, many folks who had criticized Pope Francis have confirmed the above.

Despite the involvement at times of sheer hatred in regard to his critics, Pope Francis has demonstrated the desire to dialogue with those who have trashed him.


Mark Thomas

TJM said...

Mark Thomas,

You still have not identified where Jesus used the F bomb like your Golden Calf. Keep up, keep up!