Saturday, January 7, 2023



However, it was not Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI who made Cardinal Zen a Cardinal, it was the pope, Pope Benedict XVI.

In death, Benedict is no longer emeritus, he is the late Pope Benedict XVI or simply Pope Benedict XVI. When he is canonized, as are all Vatican II popes, he will not be Saint Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, No, he will be St. Pope Benedict XVI.

I suppose the only exception to this would be anything Pope Benedict might have said or done as the Pope Emeritus. 

Pope Francis meets Cardinal Zen

Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-Kiun, visiting the Vatican to attend the funeral Mass of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Thursday, meets Pope Francis.

Vatican News

Pope Francis has met Cardinal Joseph Zen, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, visiting Rome for the occasion of  the funeral of Benedict XVI. The meeting took place on Friday in Casa Santa Marta, the Pope's residence in the Vatican

The ninety-year-old Chinese prelate was created a cardinal by the Pope Emeritus in 2006.

The news was reported by American Jesuit magazine “America”, with the statements of the Bishop emeritus of Hong Kong,

"It was wonderful, Pope Francis was warm," Cardinal Zen reportedly said after the meeting.


TJM said...

It is good news - now Pope Francis should grant Cardinal Zen sanctuary at the Vatican

rcg said...

Or grant him certain sainthood by allowing him to return.

James E Dangerfield said...

I was always told it was “Pope St Pius X.” Where is the best place to put “St”?