Sunday, January 8, 2023


So much to talk about today. What joy as a bi-Roman Missal priest, that I will be able to celebrate two major feasts during Christmastide on the same day. Yes, two feast for the price of one, but wait, there is more.

In addition to the Solemnity of the Epiphany, which I celebrated at 7 AM, yes, you read that correctly, 7 AM!, that Mass at Saint Gregory the Great in Bluffton, SC was a Low Modern Missal Mass, meaning nothing was sung, yes, you read that correctly, a Modern Roman Missal Low Mass, although I did chant the Doxology and the laity responded with a chanted Amen. But there is more! I will also celebrate the TLM as a High Mass for the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Savannah!!!!!

But wait, there’s more. At Bluffton’s Modern Roman Missal’s Low Mass, in addition to a stunning homily, that inspired the masses and won me adulation and praise, I also prayed the entire Roman Canon including the Epiphany “communicantes” insert. Yes, you read that correctly,

But wait, there’s more. That 7 AM Mass had about 500 attending, yes, you read that correctly, 500 attending. We began promptly at 7 AM and I was outside greeting people following this Low Mass at 7:43 AM. Yes, you read that correctly, my Sunday Mass, with a splendid homily, non-raced through Roman Canon and Communion to about 500 communicants lasted 42 minutes. 

But there is more! That 7 AM congregation wants to canonize me a saint!

But wait, again, there is even more. Because I am a bi-Roman Missal priest, I have the 1 pm Ancient Roman Missal High Mass at 1 pm at Sacred Heart Church in Savannah. 

But there is even more, in the TLM Roman Calendar, today isn’t Epiphany, that was on January 6, a couple of days, ago, no today is the Feast of the Holy Family! Yes, you read that correctly, today in the TLM is the Feast of the Holy Family.

In the Modern Roman Missal, because of how Christmas fell this year, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Family was demoted to a weekday Mass during the Octave of Christmas. Thus, unless you went to it on a weekday, you missed Holy Family altogether if you attend exclusively a Modern Roman Missal Mass!

I, though, am able to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family twice this year since I am bi-Roman Missal!

Bi-Roman Missalism is great and should be made legal through a change in canon law for all priests who have a bi-Roman Missal orientation! We are awaiting a decision from the Supreme Roman Rota of the Church on making bi-Roman Missalism legal!


TJM said...

Too bad most other priests are not as generous as you are, Father McDonald

ByzRus said...

Nice vestments, both.