Wednesday, September 15, 2021


 In the Low Country of  South Carolina which is contiguous with Savannah, there has been an on-going crime drama that no writer of fiction could have created. 

It all began with the son of a very successful and well-connected lawyer in South Carolina out with a bunch of friends and his girl friend for an evening of drinking and partying near Hilton Head (Paris Island). The drunken driver of the boat that the young people were in, hit a bridge abutment throwing all of the passenger into the water and killing the lawyer son's girlfriend whose body took days to find.

 That story in and of itself was tragic and fascinating itself, given the fact that the son seem to be given preferential treatment in the courts and by law enforcement with behind the scenes maneuvering. This inflamed the passions of the young girl's parents and friends. 

The young man was sailing the boat drunk and should have been charged with manslaughter. He was not and in the ensuing months, nothing was happening to bring him to some kind of justice.   

Then the boy and his mother were murdered at a family compound in South Carolina. No one has been charged in their murders.

But, there is another killing of a teenager associated with this family and the suspicion is that someone in the family may have killed the teenager.

Then on top of all of that, the father said that someone tried to murder him as he changed a flat tire on the side of a South Carolina road. In fact he was shot in the head. Reports are that the gunshot wound was either superficial or entered and existed his skull--no one knows for sure to what extent his injuries are although there appears to be a quick recovery.

As though that was not enough, shortly after the so-called "attempted murder" the father's law firm fired him for embezzling over $5 million! It turns out he is a drug addict on opioids and needed the money to support his habit. 

But there's more. Initially it was thought he had attempted a suicide but failed. But no gun was found. 

But there's more, on Tuesday, a man was arrested who was hired by the lawyer to assist him in the suicide by shooting him in the head and then getting rid of the gun--but he failed! The lawyer said that he was asking for assisted suicide so his only living son could receive $10 million from an insurance policy.

That man who shot the lawyer is now arrested!

Many are wondering now if the lawyer did not hire the same man to kill his son and wife for insurance money!

Here's NBC's Today Show interview with the lawyer.

You can't get more southern than this!

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