Saturday, September 4, 2021


 Our new Bishop, Bishop Stephen Parkes likes to drop in at various parishes to celebrate just a normal parish Mass.

On Friday, I received a text from Bishop Parkes saying he would like to celebrate our Saturday Vigil Mass. And so His Excellency did! He’s quite the pastoral bishop and we are very grateful that Pope Francis named him our bishop!

Random and in no particular order photos from our Vigil Mass:


rcg said...

There are no coincidences.

Althea Gardner said...

I love our new bishop!! He’s the most laid back bishop I have ever met. I love that he is so hands on!!

Michael A said...

Happy to see the kneelers and that people use them to receive the Blessed Sacrament the only way that makes sense - ON YOUR KNEES. The placement of kneelers is one of the things that got my pastor removed from active ministry in Batavia, IL. It's a disgusting injustice and outrage. How your bishop got appointed by the pope we have is a miracle. Glad to see that he slipped in under the radar. Please God give us good vocations and holy bishops.