Thursday, September 9, 2021


 The pre-renovation wasn’t bad but the post renovation is stunning. And they did the free standing altar right, which Holy Rosary in San Diego should copy, the stand for the tabernacle behind it does not appear to be another altar because it is on the same level as the altar not towering over it as happens today.

Very nice: 

Before and After: St. Augustine's in Granada, Spain

My only criticism and I see this everywhere is that flowers are placed in front the the liturgical furnishings and for what purpose? Right above this sentence you see what I mean. All that is needed are to two arrangements on either side of the tabernacle perhaps a bit larger that what is pictured. 


TJM said...

Very tasteful

DJR said...

Where are the young children? If the trend in Spain continues, like Holland, there won't be anyone attending that church.

ByzRus said...

Beautiful and tasteful reuse of existing sanctuary elements. The reredos fills that space nicely and grandly. Well done.

Agree on the flowers. Every photo has the same 7 dots of flowers. Unnecessary.