Sunday, September 26, 2021


 On Saturday night, former President Trump held a rally in my old stomping grounds, Perry, Georgia, just a few miles south of St. Joseph Church in Macon.

They say that former President Trump spoke for two hours at this rally in my former deanery. Can you imagine President Biden speaking for two hours straight and keeping people this enthralled? 

And didn’t the former president have his election stolen by fraud in the state of Georgia, not that I am saying that but I have heard others declare it so, but I digress. 

This clip of that rally is quite moving. It isn’t two hours but a few moments. The Lance Corporal who saved that infant at the Kabul Airport by pulling him up and over a wall is from Perry, Georgia. The former President asked him to say a few words. Brief he was but what he said was powerful:


Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Georgia Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger on Trump in Perry Georgia:

"“He’s going to come, and he’s going to say what he’s going to say, but he knows in his heart that he lost.”

“He’s continued to promote the big lie"

“What bothers me, and it really should bother everyone, after 10 months since the last ballots were counted, we’re still dealing with this misinformation and disinformation surrounding the elections.”

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

yes, politicians are the most trustworthy people to believe including the one you mention but never hear anyone mention where there is smoke there is fire within corrupt politics on both sides of the aisle. I wonder why?

Jerome Merwick said...

Speaking of smoke, with this post Father you might as well have handed certain people a can of gasoline and a match.

Can we please leave politics ALONE for a while? There is a time to take a stand in the religious forum on political issues, but this video doesn't really serve that purpose.

The all-knowing, mind-reading politico-priest who likes to post here needs to understand that sometimes we are sick of politics whether we agree with the person posting or not.

I wish you both would give it a rest. This is getting old.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

Actually, Fr. ALLAN McD, we've heard the cry, "There's Smoke!!" now for 10 months. Many of us knew it was bogus from the beginning, but I digress.

The Fire Department came and checked - no fire. Many of us knew there was none and that it was silly to bother the firefighters, but I digress.

The cry "There's Smoke!!" went up again, and again the Fire Department did an inspection. No fire was found. Many of us..., well, I digress.

Yet again, those who chose not to believe that there was no fire raised a ruckus, "There HAS to be a fire!!!" So they hired the Dog Catcher who came in and, with his canine catching credentials, examined the building and found no fire.

"Just you wait!" say the flame seekers. And everyone else groaned.

The moral of the story is, "When your smoke is imaginary, the fire will never be found."

Michael A said...

What a surprise, look who was the first to take the bait on this topic.

The important thing is to be sure that you present your vaccine card to eat in a restaurant but never ever require a driver’s license to vote. No ID to vote is an absurdity and the reason demonrats oppose IDs is because it makes it much harder to cheat. This is the only logical way to understand their opposition to ID laws. It is for this reason alone that is clear that they do in fact cheat and plot to cheat at elections.

If Father Altman is sidelined because he pointed out that to be a demonrat and to be a Catholic are incompatible then what should be done with priests who vociferously defend pro-abortion and pro homosexual politicians? It is a fraudulent and dishonest position to claim that you are not in favor of abortion and homosexual behavior and then vigorously defend politicians who are fanatical promoters of laws that idealize these actions. Only for a priest who failed his logic and reason classes in seminary does this make sense and might be some excuse for a lack of culpability.

TJM said...

Michael A,

You have discovered the “magic” that is Father K!

TJM said...

This link is evidence of the depths of Trump Derangement Syndrome in people like Father K

James E Dangerfield said...

Trump lies constantly.

Satan is THE BIGGEST lie and liar.

God is Truth.

No matter where you are politically, it’s impossible for a holy priest of the living God to be faithful to his commission AND promote a liar.
Tell us all, please, how this is okay.

How on earth can you justify promoting sin?

I don’t expect you’d be a Biden supporter, given his record on life issues, but you are not required to support the LIAR to resist the lefty agenda of the administration.

You know better than this. Repent, Father, for your complicity places your soul in jeopardy. “Turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel”

Stop lying.

Michael A said...

Disingenuous priests also like to attack Trump for his adulterous behavior, his ego and fabrication of stories but they are such sycophants for Demonrats that they're not even aware that Mr. Biden stole his current wife from a friend of his. Joe couldn't help he was such a chick magnet after his wife died that Dr. Jill fell into his arms. He described himself as a "hot commodity" because he was young, handsome, powerful and fresh off a tragedy. These are the reasons he gave after his wife and daughter died in a car crash for women wanting him to molest them as we have seen him do. The disgusting thing is that some “catholic” marriage tribunal evidently gave the egomaniac’s fishnet stocking wearing fiancé the annulment she needed to get married to creepy Joe. Oops sorry, she only wears sleazy stockings now at the age of 75 not before they were married.

Jerome Merwick said...

My parents had a saying about people who lack enough self-awareness to control themselves in public: "He really showed his _ss."

And that's exactly what someone here keeps doing. I guess he just can't help himself.

TJM said...

James Dangerfield,

Biden lies all the time. In the old days when the media made an attempt to be somewhat even handed Joe Biden withdrew from a presidential primary because he was caught red handed committing plagiarism. The modern media failed to resurrect that inconvenient fact.

ByzRus said...

It is good that Fr. AJM does not filter comments and I can only assume that most get posted. People need to own their words despite hiding behind a pseudonym, myself included. The distinction, I do not look for every opportunity to slander someone who, in this instance, only posted quotations. It IS unfortunate that there are those cyber warriors who do this instead of engaging in civil discourse and on Sunday of all days. Then, others who are/might be/trying to orbit said warrior have to parrot those unkind remarks in an attempt to achieve whatever victories they are pursuing. Reminds me of the bullies who when not in the back of the school bus, were occupying space in detention hall.

"In peace let us pray to the Lord" / "Peace be with you". Are these just empty words?

I've been chastised before for "buddying up" to Fr. MJK. I've done no such thing though I respect both his vocation and him personally. My comportment has been fair and reasonable with a willingness to understand differences, to the extent there are any (and on Church fundamentals, let me be clear, we ARE aligned as Catholics). Our limited interactions lack "smoothness", another pseudonym, "trickery"; rather, they are characterized by discussion, or a request to provide clarification when unclear. The kicker, I'm as conservative as they come, I'm just not unpleasant while living that out, at least not here in virtual-land. Perhaps those that do not choose this route will understand why so many of the more liberal minded bishops have little time for the traditionalists within their flocks. Time and time again Fr. MJK's theorem has been proven true: Those who slander are simply in disagreement and have yet to propose a more convincing argument to the contrary. But, free will - do as you see fit - it's not mine to judge.

TJM said...


Father K should take his own advice. Traditionalists are the most vulnerable and powerless group in the Church today and are treated with contempt by many liberal bishops. In contrast to liberal bishops, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster publicly stated he did not perceive that traditionalists were causing dissension thus undercutting the raison d’etre for TC

Jerome Merwick said...

Getting VERY old. And boring.

ByzRus said...

Jerome Merwick said...

"Getting VERY old. And boring."

Curiously, what might that be?

Jerome Merwick said...

All this political chatter is what is old and boring. No new points are made and all it does is create animosity. And it makes one cringe to watch people who should know better going back and forth like schoolyard children in their vain pursuit of the last word.

Michael A said...

For the gentlemen who believe that they are able to separate politics and religion they should think again. No one forces people to read blog comments and if you find a subject to be boring or comments boorish move on to the next post. Pretty simple. There's plenty of material that is posted by Father McDonald and most of the political topics have a direct impact upon how people will be allowed to exercise religious freedom in the world.

James E Dangerfield said...

I for one really enjoy the liturgical discussions on this blog and, to an only slightly lesser degree, Church politics. This is the nexus of the readership and the reason why we all read here. Good liturgy and right wing politics are not linked anymore than bad liturgy is a creature of only the left. Perhaps if the topics here stayed away from partisan politics and focused with more ardor on things to do with imparting our faith to future generations as it was handed to us. This is what’s important because when it all comes down to it — when the choice is Trump or Biden, there is no morally acceptable positive case for either man.

Let’s worry about our souls.

rcg said...

I agree that American politics is distasteful and humiliating. The link, if there is one, is in how the American bishops have become effete and ignorable, maybe irrelevant, and humiliated by the politicians who proclaim personal Church doctrine according to their political ambitions. If Trump is as bad as anyone says then it would be even more humiliating for for him to also be as good as anyone says he is concerning pro life and the treatment of minorities compared to Catholics who vote against those issues.