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The Holy Father is pretty clear on who is to receive Holy Communion and who isn’t to receive. Only those in the community can receive but those outside the community may not, but it is a local pastoral decision. But and this is a big but, pro-choice politicians are outside the community which in my mind implies excommunication! 

Abortion is homicide and the Pope says look at the science to determine when life begins. Perhaps the Holy Father saw Fr. Fox’s comment on my blog about that?  That was great!

The Sacrament of marriage is for one man and one woman. The Sacrament are instituted by Christ and the Church can’t change them. Schismatic Germans will be disappointed. 

If homosexuals want a legal life together, that’s up to the state and thus they can get legal benefits. The pope seems again to endorse civil unions for anyone and I guess that could be multiple people in multiple mock type marriages—no calling this a sin, though. 

Oh, there’s much more.

But more interesting to me is Crux’s report which seems to just report the facts and the National Chismatic Reporter’s report that is highly ideological! I think the schismatic NCR is really fretting over this interview but there is enough to please them too.

What I observe in these two reports is no hint of the Church mission to call people to conversion and thus eternal salvation in Christ through the gifts of grace that lead to right Faith and right good works. Nothing!

The pope seems to elevate pastoral theology to an doctrine, which of course it can’t be. It is very 1970’s. Take it from one who knows as my seminary pioneered in pastoral theology. Pastoral theology is good and much of what the pope says about it is good, but it can also be an enablement of sin that lead the poor soul to damnation. Will the Holy Father be liable to judgement here?

Crux’s straight forward news story:

Pope says pro-choice politicians ‘outside community’ of Church, but urges pastoral response

And the National Chismatic Reporter’s (NCR) ideological/political reporting:

Pope: Abortion is murder, the Church must be close and compassionate, not political

Speaking to journalists on the return flight from Slovakia, Pope Francis talks about his dialogue with Hungarian authorities, anti-Semitism, and vaccines, as well as Holy Communion for politicians who approve abortion laws.

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John said...

Thank you HF for speaking up for life and for making clear that the sacrament of Matrimony is possible only between one man and one woman. Your past remarks on these subjects were not as plainly and clearly reported. Looking forward to hearing you proclaim these truths always what ever the occasion.