Wednesday, January 5, 2022



I am glad that enlightened individuals and groups in our society, especially our secular society are calling people to rely upon science, biology and anthropology to guide them in their lives and decision making. I am sure these very same people who tout following science, biology and anthropology must agree with the statements made in this video.

It is from the pastor of Saint Bernadette Catholic Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, a parish which recently completed it new and magnificent church picture above. There are other videos, but look at the “Gender Identity” one first. 

Click the link below and, please, please, please, follow the science!!!!

When Gender Identity Wins, Females Lose


TJM said...

Father McDonald,

There is an interesting and well reasoned article over at Father Z’s by Father Robert Sirico, concerning TC - I think you will enjoy it. Like you, Father Sirico, celebrated both forms of the Roman Rite in his parish. An interesting fact he cites he reminds us that it was none other than Cardinal Bernadin who gave the EF a chance in Chicago

John Nolan said...

A previous thread on this topic, before it was derailed, touched on the question as to what extent transgenderism compromises women's rights, or is 'insulting' to women. When official or semi-official documents resort to elaborate circumlocution to avoid using the term 'woman' or 'mother', when men are offered a cervical smear test and it is heresy to point out that only women have a cervix, and when a convicted rapist is recorded as being female because he chooses to identify as such, we have clearly abandoned not only biology but also common sense and linguistic accuracy.

JK Rowling was quoted (approvingly) on a US website for saying that there were 'only two genders'. She was quick to correct this misapprehension (even when used grammatically there are three (masculine, feminine, neuter) and a lot more have been added recently; however she pointed out that the confusion arose because too many people use the terms 'sex' and 'gender' interchangeably.

However, by stating the obvious she has generated a vast amount of hate on social media, including death threats and threats of rape (whether by a man or a woman with a penis is unclear).

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

John, I make the comparison with “black face” which was a form of entertainment used quite frequently in Hollywood since the late 20’s. We know know how offensive this is and that imitation is not always flattery. The caricature of women by men in drag should be as offensive as black face. Yet, because of the LGBGQ etc. lobby, they offend common sense and logic and do not see the connection between the two in order to promote such outrages as cross dressing and gender ideology.

Women are the ones most harmed. The Jeopardy! Player who is a man but being touted as a women is an example. He’s not the greatest winning women in Jeopardy!’s history. He’s not the greatest winning man. He is, I guess, the greatest winning female impersonator. Will they have a black face white man or woman claiming to be a black winning more than any other black in the history of the show?

Progressivism is pure trash. We see it with their touting science as a God when it comes to climate change, Covid vaccines and the like, but when it comes to the science of male and female assigned at the moment of conception, they throw it out the window and shows their true ignorance.

We see this same ignorance of progressives in the Church—they are a caricature of a joke and should not impersonate jokes.

John Nolan said...

Male and female impersonators were a staple of music hall and vaudeville from the nineteenth century onwards, and persist to the present day. 'Mrs Brown's Boys' is a popular sitcom and no-one objects to the fact that the eponymous Irish matriarch is played by a man.

That the 'principal boy' in 'Dick Whittington' is traditionally and unmistakeably a girl, fishnet tights and all, and the Widow Twankey in 'Aladdin' is a man in drag offends nobody (I hope).

From 1958 to 1978 BBC TV ran a popular Saturday evening variety entertainment, 'The Black and White Minstrel Show'. The men had 'blackface' roles, and the girls were dressed as Southern belles. This tapped into a long tradition, but even before it was finally taken off there were many who found it offensive. They had a point, but to object to Lawrence Olivier blacking up as Othello is surely going too far. Taken to its logical conclusion, only a Belgian would be allowed to play Hercule Poirot.