Friday, January 28, 2022


I saw this image on Facebook and I think it is morally corrupt and supports Pope Francis' theory about how pets are becoming more important to people than having children.

Pope Francis created a brouhaha when he complained about married couples of child rearing years choosing not to have children but to have pets instead. He was referring to the demographic winter of western cultures, Europe being primary.
I have been the master of pets I have had, only two as a priest, a dog and a cat but we had pets growing up who lived in the home with us. They are like family, but they are not human beings. When their age or illness becomes too burdensome on us or them or expensive, putting them to sleep is the best way to go. 
The door mat I post above is for sale. It is morally wrong. Pets are not people and people are more important than pets even guests to one's home, invited or not. Put you troublesome pet away when having guests if the pet is bothering or a nuisance to the visitor. Hospitality anyone?



Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

They say, "But...but...but, he is my fur-baby!"

Mark said...

Yes, things are getting pretty rrrruff nowadays. It’s enough to make you go through the rrrrooff.

I heard someone explain that some pet owners put their pet up at so-called “pet hotels.” For example:

As this person observed, why would you do that for Rover when all he wants to do is go out in the road and smell where that bird died yesterday.

Fr Martin Fox said...

First of all, I am baffled as to why anyone would need to send the messages on this doormat. What sort of people are you inviting to your home if you need to remind guests to treat your pets properly?

Second, I think if a friend had a doormat like that, I'd give him or her some well earned grief about it. It's pretty insulting, although I think people who buy this won't realize it. They just want to show how they love their pets.

Third, I think I'd make a point of not sitting down, because it warns me to expect dog hair, and when you wear all black, you really don't want to sit on dog hair. In fact, I might not stay long.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Good points all. I was invite to dinner and my host’s large dog bothered me the entire time and at table where my hands got contaminated with its hair and slobber trying to push it away! That the dog was allowed to do this and I had to act as not bothered is inexcusable.

ByzRus said...

I know we're supposed to think "Tee Hee, aren't these pet parents funny!". I just think it's tacky crap that someone will end up throwing out some day.

rcg said...

I’m going to become unpopular with this post: I think people who are serious about these sorts of things, not the ones that think of it as a joke, have emotional or mental problems. It isn’t earth shattering, but they are suffering if they they misplace their affections in this way.