Wednesday, January 12, 2022


I worked for a department store in Georgia owned by New York’s Macy’s but named Davision’s so as not to insult confederate sensitivities about carpet baggers from the north profiting off of poor southerners.  Thus, it seems to me when it comes to consumerism, businesses and being an entrepreneur this meme would be excellent. But not so much for the Roman Catholic Church. Yet someone in the National Conference of Catholic Bishops thought this was just “peachy” to use a Georgian phrase:

As I scratch the peach fuzz on my head (to borrow a Georgia phrase) I have to wonder why there is no mention of the Most Holy Trinity, the Word of God, Sacred Tradition and the Deposit of Faith. 

Why is there no mention of Jesus Christ? His call to repentance? His call to go and sin no more? 

Why is there no mention of death, judgement, heaven hell, euphemistically called, “the last four things?”

Why is there no mention of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Communion of Saints and all the angels in the eternity of heaven where the “elect” live forever perfectly recreated in the image and likeness of God?

Why is there no mention of the obligation to attend Mass each and every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation and to make one’s “Easter Duty” each year and this is inclusive of each and every Catholic in the world, no Catholic is excluded. 

Why is there no mention of apologetics as a means to dialogue? 

Why is there no mention of listening to both each other and most importantly to God? 

And when it comes to “innovation” can we temper that by saying that Catholicism can’t be built or lived upon cliches, sound bytes, fads, trends and the world. What about being counter cultural and swimming against the tide. Why are those cliches not used?

Down here in Dixie, with Georgia on my mind, I would like to be a rebel on this rainy night in Georgia while I’m sitting on the dock of the bay wondering why the devil went down to Georgia and became a master in Augusta. 


Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

I look at the book on the table with the title "Holy Bible" imprinted in gold.

"Why is there no mention of Jesus Christ? His call to repentance? His call to go and sin no more?"

Well, tolle lege, good Fr. ALLAN McDonald.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

What name was on the book on the table again???? Another word for that is Sacred Scriptures.
And are you comparing the table of contents of that most sacred book which also contains the very words of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ to the meme in my post? Really?

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

No, I'm suggesting that your usually shallow, nothing-but-the-suface- and-no-nuance ma'am self is on show again.

Your post is as consequential as the repeated mornings and groaning of "Benedictine Candle Arrangement" krewe and the "God Loves Fiddlebacks Best" club.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

How long will it take you to learn, Fr. MJK, that everyone knows that when your inadequate theological training at that inferior Mt. St. Mary's in Emmitsburg, as pre-Vatican II as you can get in the post-Vatican II era, fails you to make a comment on a topic, you resort to shifting the conversation to something else to hide this fact. Everyone knows this.

Fr. Michael J. Kavanaugh said...

So which essential conversation Will if be, fiddlebacks or candle arranging?

Tolle lege, good Father, it could do you a world of good.

TJM said...

Probably the only Latin you know, Pater K

ByzRus said...

To me, there's a distinction between purpose and goal at play here. The goals that you would like to see aren't provided, Fr. AJM. Do they always have to be in every communication? Devils advocate: Perhaps the author didn't want to confuse matters by introducing goals along with the hoped-for behaviors that will make those goals achievable.

I will likely be chastised for not falling into line and agreeing, but I think there's a foundation being laid here teaching what will allow for success. Goals are simply beyond the scope of what is intended to be a preliminary shift/alignment of mindset.

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Something as sensitive as this and placed on twitter needed a preamble then, like, "Within the Context of the Deposit of Faith and the Perennial Magisterium of the Church let's think about this". At least it gives the meme and cliches a Catholic context and not a gnostic one.

William said...

Is this the best USCCB can do? "Sed quia tepidus es, te envomere ex ore meo."

TJM said...

Of course the political left uses this jargon but in reality they do the opposite: crushing dissent

John Nolan said...

While we're bandying Latin tags about, here's another one:

'Etenim si incertam vocem det tuba, quis parabit se ad bellum?'