Saturday, November 29, 2014


A new tradition for Thanksgiving Day! UGH!
When I worked at Macy's between 1972 to 1976, we were closed on Sunday until my last year there when they would open on Sunday's a 1:00 PM during the Christmas season, starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I remember resenting those good Christian shoppers who were shopping for the first time on Sunday. How could they betray our Lord like that was my sentiment!

We didn't call the Friday after Thanksgiving "black Friday" at that time, but it was busy, busy, busy nonetheless.

I loved working at Macy's during the Christmas season and I loved all the people and it felt like Christmas to me to see so many Christmas shoppers. And the store was gloriously decorated for Christmas by late October or early November even in the 1970's.

I worked in downtown Augusta and the store windows seem to be in competition with each other to have the best Christmas display. It was wonderful. Of course it was the secular side of Christmas, but very traditional. No marshmallow time of the year in the winter for these retailers.

That brings me to the despicable trend of stores opening on Thanksgiving Day. What's up with that? and now Thanksgiving Day is the busy day and black Friday is just another shopping day.

Both in Augusta and Macon, the reports are that parking lots were half full by midday on black Friday and crowds shopping were down. Everyone did their shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

How stupid is that. Why not let black Friday remain black Friday and have a day of rest on a major secular/relgious holiday on Thanksgiving Day.

Stop the world and let me off please!


Anonymous said...

It seems as if the feeling, the longing that permeates almost every discussion, every posting here is "Why can't the world, why can't the Church go the way it used to be, the way I want it to be?".

You all...well most...seem smart enough to know that time goes only forward. The good old days, maybe like the Confederate States of America, are "gone with the wind".

Fr. Allan J. McDonald said...

Moving forward does not always imply a trajectory of progress, it has proven in the past and is proving again today that disintegration often takes place before recovery and renewal albeit different than before.

Gene said...

Change is not always fro the better; some values are timeless, and the myth of "progress" is the greatest folly of the Left.

Pater Ignotus said...

What's wrong? Radical individualism that says "I matter more than anything else. Therefore, what I want, I get."

Gene said...

Ignotus, you mean like all those looters out in Ferguson using the death of a thug as an excuse to steal and destroy. I see.

Anonymous said...

Greed knows no boundaries.

Daniel said...

The greatest insult to Christ and Christmas is how this culture has turned his birthday into a festival of greed and materialism. How does getting trampled in a crowd at Wal Mart honor the Christmas season?

Gene said...

Well, it is kinda fun to watch all those morons trampling each other. Christmas entertainment...